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CISA’s Sibling: House Passes New Cyber Threat-Sharing Bill – 23 April 2015

RT logo(Lucas : And here we go again! Of course when the rumble had quieted down  and protests have been seen your so called democratic representatives get another bill approved to built up more and more control on all of you humans. All of this is so stupidly transparent that I have to laugh big time at it. All the efforts made will not stop humans getting more and more educated by non-mainstream media and by already awake fellow humans. Everybody will awake to the fact their real freedom lies in the individual human. No need for leashes or being bound to political, governmental, financial, educational, and other belief structures.  We can just work as individual humans together without getting back into grouping up, making or having enclosures and or new leaders.)

The United States House of Representatives has approved a controversial cyber bill that would encourage companies to share information about computer attacks with the federal government.

On Wednesday afternoon, lawmakers in the House voted 307-116 in favor of the Protecting Cyber Networks Act. It envisions expanded legal liability protections for corporations, if they choose to voluntarily share certain kinds of digital data through a government “cyber portal” administered by the Department of Homeland Security.

The Senate still has to approve the bill before it lands on the desk of President Barack Obama. A signiture from the commander in chief would ensure firms are not liable, concerning the threat of information shared with the feds.

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