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Claims Syrian Gvt Used Chemical Arms ‘Fabricated’ – Moscow – 25 April 2014

RT logo(Lucas : It not enough the warmongers are trying to get the world into a new WW. No, it is done also on several fronts… it must happen regardless…. It is enough >>>>HUMANITY SAYS NO TO MORE UNWANTED WARS IT GETS STEERED IN AND DOES NOT SOLVE A THING…. STOP THIS!)

Allegations that the Syrian government has been deploying toxic chemicals are false, the Russian Foreign Ministry said Friday. Moscow says that it has evidence to the contrary, adding that such claims could be a pretext for intervention.

The statement was made shortly after opposition reports of chlorine gas attacks emerged. Rebel sources have released photographs and video of what they claim to be assaults by the Syrian government over the past month that share the characteristics of a chlorine attack.

“Accusations against government forces of supposed cases of the use of poisonous chemicals continue to be fabricated,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement. “According to reliable evidence the Russian side possesses, such allegations do not correspond to reality.”

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