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The Pleiadians – Living as Clairvoyant, Clairsentient Beings – 5 February 2013


Many of you are very sensitive, able to feel and know things in ways that may sometimes feel like a blessing, and sometimes may feel like a curse.  You see, as you merge with Source and All That Is more and more, you are connected to all things in this oneness.  In this oneness comes the hearing and experiencing of other’s feelings, thoughts, emotions. You feel when someone is thinking about you; you feel when it is charged with love, and you will feel when it is charged with other, less pleasant vibrations.  This serves you so that you may sit in the knowingness at times on what actions to take in your life.  You can feel and read the energy of a person or situation and this has sometimes protected you.  However, we want to speak today to you about the part of this experience that may at times cause you confusion or suffering.

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