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CLN – The Real Consequences Of Corporatism, “Smart” Grid And Corrupt Government – 16 January 2014

consciouslifenewsOriginal article from : Josh del Sol | Activistpost | Jan 16th 2014

At the federal level, the illusion of representative government is now over. With a few exceptions, for-profit interests have colonized government systems that were originally intended to serve people.

The danger of allowing this virus to continue, of course, is that the casualty always eventually becomes life itself. Like any virus.

Presented to you is Exhibit A: chief telecom industry lobbyist Tom Wheeler now chairs the FCC. This is yet another FDA-Monsanto-esque revolving door of corruption, which sidelines the rights and safety of an entire nation.

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CLN – The Choice Is Ours: Austerity Or Shared Bounty – 2 January 2014

consciouslifenewsJoyce Walker | Commondreams | Jan 2nd 2013

For all I have gained as the result of my financial struggles, I consider myself blessed. You might wonder how I can say that, when, at the end of December, I’m still working with my winterizing kit, consisting of staple gun, duct tape, and cardboard, trying to insulate against the air leaks that drive my heating bill up. But because of my hardships, I have become more(Photo: posixeleni/ cc via flickr)sensitive to the hard times many around me are facing, and feel compelled to share what little I have. Continue reading

CLN – Big Food Companies Push To Label Genetically Modified Products As “Natural” – 26 December 2013

consciouslifenewsAllgov | Dec 26th 2013

Food manufacturers who use genetically modified (GMO) ingredients want permission from the federal government to stamp their products with the word “natural.”

The Grocery Manufacturers Association has asked the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to approve their plan, which would mean any food containing GMO corn, sugar and other such ingredients could be sold as “natural.”

One advocacy organization, the Environmental Working Group (EWG), blasted the food companies’ proposal.

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CLN – Alan Watts : Why Fight? – 24 December 2013

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CLN – Last Minute Conscious Spiritual Gifting – 22 December 2013

consciouslifenewsHayley Weatherburn, Contributor

It’s coming to those last couple of days before Christmas and for those who struggle with the concept of spending hundreds of dollars for material objects that are supposed to express how we feel for someone, it can be stressful. Walking around the shopping malls, watching humans go a little feral to survive each other’s last minute frenzies….. all in the meaning of showing our love for someone. Continue reading

CLN – Over 500 World-Famous Authors From 100+ Countries Sign Global Petition Against Mass Surveillance – 15 December 2013

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CLN – Study Finds Organic Milk More Nutritious Than Conventional Milk – 12 December 2013

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CLN – Glenn Greenwald DESTROYS On BBC’s HardTalk – 29 November 2013

There seems to be a never-ending line of journalists trying to shoot down Glenn Greenwald, who instead end up being completely humiliated. This is the second attempt by BBC alone. According to Greenwald: “The goal of the U.S. government is to eliminate all privacy globally!”

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CLN – The True Cost Of Following Your Bliss (2) – 27 November 2013

consciouslifenewsMarcus T Anthony, PhD, is Director of MindFutures. He refers to himself as a futurist, intuitive and life alignment coach. He is the author of Discover Your Soul Template and his website is www.marcustanthony.com.

Recently here on CLN I wrote of my own difficult experience in making my way in the world using spiritual principles. I am an educator, futurist, writer and speaker whose passion is for Deep Futures – futures where the technological and economic is more evenly balanced with the deeper spiritual aspects of human existence.

In that article I wrote of how, in the years after I begun my own spiritual journey, I had more than a decade of largely positive outcomes and experiences. But this was followed by several difficult years where I struggled, primarily at a professional level. During the “good” years I found work easily, almost effortlessly gained a PhD, successfully published books, academic papers and articles. Money flowed to me easily.

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CLN – Hallelujah – The Ultimate Thanksgiving Song – 26 November 2013

Leonard CohenLeonard Cohen

Thanksgiving is a day to give thanks for the blessings that we have in our lives.  In Hallelujah, songwriter Leonard Cohen takes thankfulness to another level, suggesting that we should be grateful not only for our blessings, but for all of our experiences in life (good, bad, happy, and sad).  Cohen said of the song’s meaning:

“It explains that many kinds of hallelujahs do exist, and all the perfect and broken hallelujahs have equal value.” Continue reading