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Ellie Miser – Clone 3 … Perhaps – 12 January 2013

EllieMiserDear little sister,

A little update on my situation just to keep in touch.

I have a serious bladder infection that I have been neglecting, partly because of finances but mostly because I kept expecting Plen to “do something” as always, in past.  This time I had no relief.  Three nights of horrible pain!!!

Last night, I was able to talk to my friend, who sees and hears my father and Plen – I was telling him how I felt I had been abandoned by Plen, Father Haiton and everyone – even God – because all the asking, praying and begging was not giving me the pain relief I was used to having within seconds or minutes of asking.

As we were talking about my problem, Plen and Father Haiton showed themselves talking to each other about what to do – they did not say anything to us – just letting me know they were aware of my situation and were standing by – but my friend did hear snippets of their conversation – they were considering a third clone OR … he did not hear what the “or” was.  However, they will discuss my situation with Mother before they make a final decision.  Plen did say, before he left, that this body is rapidly deteriorating now and there is VERY little he can do in the way of “fixing” or patching.

If my problem is bladder infection, I can get what will, hopefully, take care of it – if it is caused by my bladder dropping (which I suspect), then I will have to have surgery – I do not expect to survive being operated on because of my lung problem(s) so if I wake up from surgery (IF I have to have it), then I will most likely be in clone #3 – if I don’t wake up, then I will be on the ship.  Either way, my clock is ticking …..

Obviously, they are trying to make sure I get to finish my journey the way it was planned – I want so very much to complete it as Earth human – in this reality!  I must be very close to my goal for them to be considering clone #3 – they COULD just take me on up to my Pleiadian body and I could watch from the ship but I want to be “up close and personal” for whatever magnificent sight I am here to observe.  Maybe complete ascension onto the New Earth and/or personal contact between our space families and Earthians – I have no idea but whatever it is, it will be a first for this planet in this reality and I do so want to see it!

Hoping all is good where you are – I know you are protected but the mother soul in me has to say “stay safe”!

Blessings, love and Namaste,


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