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Lee-Anne Peters – The *Stars* Are My Home! – 27 April 2012

I have been having many requests from readers lately wanting me to share more about my connection to the stars and my star home in Pleiades – my heart is so connected to this constellation in my sun sign of Taurus.

My conscious memory of this connection to my star home began as a deep remembering around the turn of the millennium when through several things these memories were triggered. At the time I spent a lot of hours under a telescope gazing at the starry sky. However, there was always one constellation that fascinated me – yes, Pleiades.  Continue reading


Colleen – 2012 : The Shift Hits The Fan – 31 March 2012

Just when you thought we were getting TOO serious about changing the world, it’s time for some foolishness.
Enlightened foolishness of course!

Mary Magdalene, the Alchemist (link to article)

History’s great kings and queens – and some of the not-so-great ones – relied on fools for the straight truth, with enough levity to take the edge off. Continue reading

Enrique Villanueva – ET Contact And The Expansion Of Consciousness – 1 January 2012

Enrique is from Peru. He now lives in Los Angeles, California. He had his first sighting at the age of seven. Peru is known as a hot spot for UFO sightings where they can be seen frequently.

In this video (below), Enrique shares what it’s like to be face to face with multi-dimensional beings of brotherly love and their message about humanity reaching the next level of consciousness.

Enrique reports, “They say that the most important contact is not the contact with them, but the contact within. Once you reach that level then the contact with them is a consequence of your preparation. So they are always open and waiting for us to reach that level and then they will trigger the experience for you. It’s an invitation to expand our consciousness. And they are already here. We don’t need ambassadors. Every single human being can be an ambassador.” Continue reading