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AdaptingToGrace – Eileen Meyer – Coming To The Crossroads – 19 July 2013

eileenmeyerTransmission 071713Many of you are being asked at this time, due to energetic influences from the Greater Sun, to pack up your things, to pull up what you thought was your anchoring in the ground and the places where you have found shelter. For some this is metaphorical, for others it is literal.

Do not think on these things. Feel and choose… for you are coming to the proverbial fork in the road at this timing. It is not the first, and it is not the last fork in the road, but do understand that your souls are in this knowing awareness – whether you are conscious of it or not – that you are making choices now as to how you wish to explore the remainder of your human life on Earth. How does one prepare or how does one make this decision? You have been preparing for this part of your journey for quite some time. There are many stories of life from many perspectives – and many of you are sifting through the stories that were given and have made your decision as to what you will carry with you on your journey and what you are not. What resonates with you? What works for you? What is true for you? Continue reading