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John Ward – Banks, Commisions & Elections : Yesterday You Were A Citizen, Today You Are A Subject – 19 April 2015

JohnWI got involved in an immolatory debate with some friends the other day about the average citizen’s reinvented relationship with the retail banking system. I was trying to point out to one guy in particular – a guest I’d never met before – that the change in my nomenclature from ‘customer’ to ‘creditor’ was a cynical (and typical) attempt to justify theft as and when it takes place at some time in the near future.

It went something like this:

“Rubbish,” said my main antagonist, “we’ve always been creditors. It’s just that like most people, you don’t understand the nature of the banking rules.

“Tell me,” I countered, “when you first opened a bank account, do you remember anyone in the bank telling you that if they f**ked up you could lose the lot?”

“Of course not”.

“Well then, why bring it up now?” Continue reading