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Common Dreams -Friday : Kucinich Hosts Congressional Briefing On Drones – 14 November 2012


November 13, 2012
4:15 PM

CONTACT: Congressman Dennis Kucinich

Nathan White (202)225-5871

WASHINGTON – November 13 – Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) will hold a congressional briefing to examine the United States’ use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs or drones) abroad. Continue reading

Common Dreams – Federal Flood Insurance Program Running Out Of Money- 14 November

Congress questions premium structure

– Common Dreams staff

With insurance claims from Hurricane Sandy pouring in by the thousands each day and damage from the storm potentially reaching $7 billion, the debt-ridden federal flood insurance program may run out of money. Continue reading

Common Dreams – Bailout ‘Of The People, By The People’ Exposes Bankers’ Greed – 13 November 2012

(Lucas: This is an example of people thinking in 3D creative solutions for the financial injustice and inequality.)

Coalition kicks off ‘Rolling Jubilee’ campaign to eliminate debt

– Common Dreams staff

A coalition of activists looking to build popular resistance to predatory lending kicked off a new initiative, The Rolling Jubilee, to challenge the status quo of debt collection by purchasing distressed debts and then—rather than collecting on it—wiping the slate clean. Continue reading

Common Dreams – Sandy Victims To Confront Cold, Another Storm – 5 November 2012

Dropping temperatures and a nor’easter on the way bring more crisis for residents still coping without housing, heat

– Common Dreams staff

Cold temperatures and a Nor’easter loom over Sandy survivors still without power and heat. Continue reading

Common Dreams – Abby Zimet – Another World Is Possible : Occupy Sandy’s Food, Lights, Water, Blankets – 5 November 2012

With outlying and low-income areas around New York still ravaged and little institutional help forthcoming, Occupy Sandy, an offshoot of OWS, has stepped into the void with efficient, no-red-tape, often vital help. With a tale from Far Rockaway about community at its best. Occupy and the military, together at last. Help here or here. Continue reading

Common Dreams – Privatization Pushback: Civil Society Slams Water Privatization Conditions For EU Bailouts – 18 October 2012

(Lucas : Here we see not austerity plans but  an attempt  for  getting NWO and Agenda 21  for total control forced down people’s throats.)

Letter from groups to EU Commission says plan is “economically, socially and democratically flawed” Continue reading

Common Dreams – Austerity Showdown As EU Summit Is Gonna Open – Hollande Draws Line In Sand; Greek General Strike – 18 October 2012

French President François Hollande took a strong stand against the European austerity drive, headed by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, this week in his first ever newspaper interview in the UK stating, “In the interests of all, you can’t inflict perpetual punishment on countries that have already made considerable efforts.” Hollande’s critique of European austerity policies, which have plagued recession-hit nations in the financial crisis fallout, comes the day before European leaders meet in Brussels to discuss policies going forward in the economic recovery and Greek anti-austerity protesters take to the streets in a countrywide general strike called by is major unions. Continue reading

Common Dreams – Shadowy Money From U.S. Chamber Of Commerce Pours Into Nine California Congressional Races – 30 September 2012


September 28, 2012  / 5:03 PM
CONTACT: Public Citizen
Phone: 202-588-1000

Shadowy Money From U.S. Chamber of Commerce Pours Into Nine California Congressional Races

Trade Organization Injects $3.3 Million Into Races for U.S. House of Representatives Continue reading

Common Dreams – Voyage Reveals ‘Planetary Scale’ Of Plastic In Oceans – 29 September 2012

A groundbreaking marine voyage by scientific vessel Tara reveals the disturbing state of the world’s plastic-filled oceans.

Even the Southern Ocean isn’t free from the world’s plastic trash. (photo: tbdevries via Flickr) The Tara just completed a 70,000-mile journey over two and a half years, going from the Mediterranean, the Atlantic, the Indian Ocean, the Pacific and the Antarctic with the goal of studying “planktonic and coral ecosystems in the perspective of climate changes,” noting that “Studying plankton is like taking the pulse of our planet.” The researchers recorded 1.5 million species of marine micro-organisms, more than previously were thought to have existed. Continue reading

Common Dreams – Critics Slam Standardized Testing For Kindergarteners – 26 September 2012

At least 25 states in the US now mandate at least one formal assessment during kindergarten, Reuters reported on Tuesday.

(Photograph by Leah-Anne Thompson.) Such a fact speaks directly to a growing (and for many, a troubling) trend of high-stakes early childhood testing taking root across the country. Continue reading