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Ron Van Dyke – NESARA, OPPT, Secrecy, Communication, Confusion – 5 April 2013

Uploaded on 5 April 2013 by Ron Van Dyke Even if everyone spoke English, we would not be speaking the same language. What we say and what others hear depends on variables, making our communication speculative at best, rather than absolute in fact. This came out very clearly for me yesterday in my Mystics in Training Class, private conversations, listening to a discussion about NESARA with James Rink and a man named Doug, and other things I encountered. Heather’s anticipated debate about the OPPT with Dean Clifford did not happen due to the death of Heather’s mom on Wednesday. Doug criticized the OPPT because it wasn’t secret; while I praise it for that very reason. Some see the ETs as angels, while others are convinced they are demons. Some label a belief in right and wrong, good and evil as judgment, while others see it as common sense. Even “love” means different things to different people. Can you see why we are so confused as humans? I can; and that’s what I’m asking you to consider today.

Communication, Perspectives and Misunderstanding – Lucas

Wonderful lessons are being brought to us in al kinds of ways. Speaking of how easy things can be misunderstood, misinterpreted in communication. It is more difficult to let people know what you think then you imagine.

In a post where I made a comment on my perspective on the title and  the subject of a video a bom exploded in my face.  There was nothing wrong with the video or the author or the man who posted it and I also mentioned that. From my perspective the group of lightworkers have no need to  go into the themes that were handled in the video. It was from my perspective just distraction from that  what lightworkers in my opinion needed to be doing. Staying in the light and not manifesting things with even the best of intentions.

Then I got a lot of harsh words about what I said was nasty, discrediting a friend who was filmed speaking on the video, etc.      What was happening?  They had some other perspectives on it. So it  became instead of discussing it  being personal, not understanding what I had said from my perspective.  So what is then the way to  just get a simple message not being taken the wrong way or misinterpreted.

Is it the word choice, or the way of saying what I said, was it timing?  All those things are maybe the triggers for people. But there is more. Do people know you can see things from other perspectives and therefore seeing things in other ways without having questioned the intentions or mentioned words in the message of the other. You respected that message. That’s deep.  No, it’s just like seeing parallel dimensions at the same time. You see things in two worlds that are different but also the same in their origin.

Would it be better in the future for us to see that things always may have more sides than one and still be the same One.  This was for me the lesson I have learned. So even if you have an opinion or being judging or commenting, for your truth is only one perspective on the matter and that matter has more truths to it then only one. But still al is One.

So we must not  battle or get personal or even say nasty things to each other because in the end we are all one in the same matter and we all are having our truths. This is also true for the different perspectives on for example Ascension. Are they wrong having an other perspective?  No, they are also right from their perspective. Are we then separate of those who think from an other perspective?No, we still are One with All even if you have a different perspective on things.

I hope my lessons are maybe or maybe not a mirror for my readers. Nevertheless, keep on posting things, even from other perspectives. Don’t mind if people have an other truth as yours.  Don’t attack them personal or say bad things. See it  for what it is and still  be friends. We are all one and in the light even if we have our little misfits and differences.

Love and Light,


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