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ZeroHedge – Equities Act Weak, Confused Following Oscar-Worthy Good Cop, Bad Cop Performance By The Fed – 13 November 2013

ZeroHedgeAs non-collocated, carbon-based traders walk in today, they are once again greeted by a very unfamiliar shade of green in the equity futures market. There has not been a specific catalyst for another day of equity weakness however it started in Asia, where we again witnessed a bout of EM vulnerability led by the likes of Indonesia. This follows weakness in EM across EMEA and LATAM yesterday that saw major EM sovereign CDS about 3-5bp wider while a number of LATAM 10yr rates were up between 5-10bp. EM FX in EMEA was under some pressure yesterday as well (PLN and ZAR notably), but this abated as the day wore on. This morning Indonesia CDS is quoted about 6bp wider while cash bonds are down about half to 1 point. Asian EM FX is generally weaker across KRW, INR and IDR. Asian equities have been sold from the open today including a 2% drop in the Jakarta Composite index which is on track for its largest fall since Sept 30th. The disappointment over lack of detail from the Chinese government’s Third Plenum meeting is showing up via a 2.0% drop in the HS China Enterprises Index and 1.3% drop in the Hang Seng. Continue reading