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ConsciousLifeNews – I Was A Paid Internet Shill : How Shadowy Groups Manipulate Internet Opinion And Debate – 11 January 2013

internet-service-disturbed(Lucas : I always say use your own discernment in everything. Also in the past we have talked about the intelligence agencies and covert-groups using internet trolls, also think of groups like ALEC that embody bringing forth laws and regulations that suit their companies and get it still done. There are so many ways of control or influence of the matrix . But in all the only good way is to be wary of all that what is about as there is lot’s that is so-called coming from authorities, or known people as they often are part of the system that brings you like mainstream media still the story of the matrix.  Find your resources on the net but know to be looking into things from alternative sources and get at it with your own gutt feeling and intuition and see what is and is not real., Still there are no guarantees and make sure you see the bigger picture not only over and over the same details arranged in different manors. Do not get hyped. If things are known to you why bother go into it over and over, or get even into arguments about it!)

CLN Editor’s Note: The type of propaganda strategy described in the article below occurs across a wide range of topics and is employed by various corporate, political, and governmental groups to promote a variety of agendas. It is called astroturfing, and it is far more common than most would imagine.  Continue reading