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Suzanne Spooner – 27 Sept. 2011- God Message..Seems ‘Living in the Now 101’ class continues!

My Dear One, 

I have an announcement to make. You and I are soon going to be in the delightful moment of Now. This change in dimension will be felt first by those who are

Iight workers. In an instant a vibrational change will connect to your DNA and you will activate dormant strands. In this instant you will shed your ego & imagine your life free of conflict. In this moment you and I will have a new connection of tangible love. We will walk together & laugh, we will be One and One will be All. In this moment I will Be & you will Be and no longer will you doubt your origin. In this moment you will find the answers to life’s questions. You will be amazed at what you find. Finding out, that your experience in 3-D was nothing you thought it was, will be mind opening. You cannot know the amount of love that supports you for this shift. Imagine, as you experience these last times of 3- D life, the orchestra of God’s symphony & the exceptional role you play Dear One. Be a light in these last moments of darkness. You & I are in this together. 

Wave of Criticism of the President Continues

Wave of Criticism of the President Continues.



By Steve Beckow via 2012IndyInfo.wordpress.com