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‘Cops Should Not Be Judge, Jury & Executioner’ – Witness To Police Beating – 17 December 2014

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After Levi Frasier filmed a Denver police officer throw six powerful punches into the face of a suspected drug dealer, officers threatened Frasier with arrest unless he gave them the video, he tells RT.

The video is remarkable for its sheer level of brutality: Three police officers are seen holding down unarmed suspected drug dealer David Flores in a parking lot. After Flores ignores a command by police officer Charles Jones to release a sock from his mouth that he suspects contains narcotics, Jones delivers six consecutive punches to his face.

When Flores’s pregnant wife attempts to intervene, Jones trips her up and she falls, landing on her stomach.

Flores ended up in the hospital, while Denver police originally said the display of force by the officer was reasonable under the circumstances.

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