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Radio Ann- The Council of Twelve – On Money- 14 October 2011

The Council of Twelve by Radio Ann
We are trying to assist the lightworkers in understanding that they can have the life they wish to have. Money is not difficult to manifest. The belief that money is difficult to manifest is a much more intractable problem. What you believe, you receive. It’s as simple as that.

We are aware that there is a false equivalence between poverty and righteousness. Monetary wealth and spiritual wealth are by no means mutually exclusive. A correct alignment with money is what manifests money.

So what is money? Money is energy. Money is energy that must flow and circulate. Picture money flowing to you and outward, creating a whirlwind of endless flow. It comes in, it goes out. But if you wish, picture a little less flowing out, then you begin to see an accumulation of funds that used properly, will be of benefit to all.

You don’t really own money. You don’t really own anything. Not even your own body, as you will discover one fine day. But energy exists in abundance and you can use all you wish, all that you are capable of handling. With regard to debt and lack, we say this: It’s all under your control. You create your conditions; mentally, emotionally, spiritually. If you don’t like what you see, if you need more than you have, then make adjustments. Need less, get more.

Whatever the case may be, you have the creative ability to find solutions to every problem you have. If you did not, you would not be human. You would not be a lightworker. If you are a lightworker, if you are human, then you have all you need, ipso facto. You may not be manifesting in the way you would like, but that’s not because you don’t have the capacity. It’s because you have not realized your capacity.

In any case, start small if you need to. Isn’t there one small thing you can do today to wrangle the energy of money more efficiently? Some small debt to repay? Some small change to invest or save? A piggy bank? Something! Sit quietly and reflect on money. Do you secretly distrust it? Or distrust people who have it? Do you think you don’t deserve it, way down deep? If there’s any belief in between you and money, you can eliminate the obstacle. Ask for our help with this. Council, please remove the obstacles between me and money. And then bless every bit of it you have, may have, will have, will spend. See yourselves as facilitators of the flow. That’s what money is, a flow of energy. Breathe in the idea, breathe it out. Make friends with money. Used properly, it’s a blessed thing and creating a good relationship with it is your right. Namaste. The Council.