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Selacia – Council Of 12 Message – 2 May 2012

Some days are most auspicious than others, giving you expanded opportunities to grow spiritually and reach your potential for this life. Likewise, certain series of days in a cycle – with their cumulative effect – help you to greatly accelerate openings and leave behind unfinished business. One of those times is Wesak season – here right now.
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Selacia – Council Of 12 Message – How Will You Create A More Loving World Today? – New Times, New Priorities, Connecting With Your Divine Changemaker Role – 12 April 2012

your divine pathThere comes a time in the evolution of a planet when a new way of being must be found and lived. You live in that time. What will you do with your energy today to help create a more loving world?


Ask this question daily. Consider where you will place your focus. Remember – you can choose.   Continue reading

Selacia – Council Of 12 Message – Creating A World Without Borders – Your Role As A Divine Changemaker – 21 February 2012

There is no time like the present to forgive and let go of the past. More than any other time, right now is a pivotal moment for clearing up past grudges and feelings of victimization. People must do this, countries must do this.

The borders you have erected are only in your mind. These borders must be dismantled before the new light-filled Earth can materialize. Continue reading

Selacia – Making Sense Of Now – 2012 Tipping Point, Year Of The Dragon – Council of 12 Message – 26 January 2012

Living now is unlike any other time. If you are like most people, you have more questions than answers, and you wonder more about what’s coming next.

The following are five key themes associated with being alive during 2012. Each applies to you personally while also relating to humanity as a whole. These universal themes impact people at all stages of spiritual growth. The effect may be experienced consciously or unconsciously, depending upon how awake a person is to what’s going on.    Continue reading