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Laura Bruno – Cracks In The Wall – 29 December 2014

laura-of-the-rocksChip, chip, chippin’ away at the old, official walls of 3D-ality:

Thanks to Mitch for this one. As he says, “This is HUGE! No pun intended”:

Smithsonian Admits to Destruction of Thousands of Giant Human Skeletons in Early 1900′s – “A US Supreme Court ruling has forced the Smithsonian institution to release classified papers dating from the early 1900′s that proves the organization was involved in a major historical cover up of evidence showing giants human remains in the tens of thousands had been uncovered all across America and were ordered to be destroyed by high level administrators to protect the mainstream chronology of human evolution at the time.” – See more at: http://worldnewsdailyreport.com/smithsonian-admits-to-destruction-of-thousands-of-giant-human-skeletons-in-early-1900s/#sthash.CwhQNGQe.dpuf Continue reading