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Dana Mrkich – Creating Our Reality – 24 July 2013

DanaMrkichContinuing on from yesterday’s discussion about Manifesting and the ways in which we create our reality, here is an excerpt from my course Create a Life You Love:

We create our reality much the same way as we choose what we want to watch on television. If you want to watch the MTV Music awards, you know that you have to turn your set on to the MTV station. You don’t spend time wondering how the broadcast gets to you when you are in London and the awards are in LA. You don’t worry about the ten steps that need to happen between camera, presenter, director, studio and satellite to get the show into your living room. All you know is: I want to watch the show. You turn on the right station at the right time, with no doubt you will see what you expect to see. It wouldn’t cross your mind to turn to a sports station and get frustrated because instead of music you can only see football which you don’t like at all;yet we do that kind of thing all the time with our thoughts and beliefs. We know we have the power to change the television channel anytime we want, but we have forgotten about the power we have to change and choose our own life. Continue reading