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Visionkeeper – Creating The New – 15 August 2012

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Isn’t this really what the new resistance we are experiencing is all about? We no longer want to fix the old and broken and outdated way of life. We are ready and excited to create something new, something better! It is refreshing to feel this excitement. The thought of remaining in this broken and disturbing life is oppressive and depressing on so many levels, especially now as we are fast learning how to release the old. Who wants to hang onto what isn’t working anymore? The very thought of creating a new way of living stimulates our creativity center and fires us up. This is good, we need to hang out in the space more often and let the energy of it move us forward, together and in unity. So many brilliant ideas for better ways to live our lives are percolating out there in the universe’s Rolodex, all we need do is come together and put them into action! Continue reading


Wes Annac – A Short Message from the Ascended Masters -24 October 2011

Feel your energetic bodies coming online at this time. Feel your guides and spiritual brethren with you at this very moment to help you remember your true roots. Feeling is the essence of creating dear souls. To truly understand something, one must be able to feel it. Knowing and understanding take one only so far, feeling is what truly brings your awareness of the bounties of Life to you. Know that you are infinitely loved beyond measure, and feel this Love that you are graced with at every moment. Feel every moment as it passes by you, and feel all that is coming through your hollowed-out spirit and body complexes. Continue reading

The flow of intentions – a way creating a flow of abundance for all – Lucas

Working though the videos and channelings and discussions I was struck by the singularity in messages that I had  read.  One group was searching for the best intention to form in their minds to create the things they wanted  for themselves. The other ones did look for ways to find the right intentions to create help for others.  It is like in the book The Secret. The teachings of the way to see that abundance and all you can and need to have is available for you from the source. You just need to create the surrounding mindset and confidence that this is also  true for u.

I know out of experience that we as humans tend to have self-doubt and are willing to break up the flow by thinking for example things can’t be changed or having to many conflicting wishes that never can lead to create anything and just obstruct your flow. So the living in the now and knowing things are right as they are now is important to see. From that positive starting point you can create your flow of intentions to make things happen for you and others.

In the 5D world and our spiritual journey towards it, it is a beautiful thing  to create from unconditional love and light. Your create thus intentions for the world to give it the flow needed to transmutate the dark into light. This way we are forming our intentions the way true lightbeings in the making would do.

It is for me now more important to create a positive flow that isn’t about  ego and materialism. Even if we do need our bills paid and food on the table we have to give attention to the flow of positive intentions that is for all on this world and our mother earth.

So clear your mindsets and give your confidence in creating a flow  of positive intentions towards all a boost.  It will help our fellow humans that are still awakening as well as those who are still in the dark.

Love and Light,








Archangel Michael: Creating a World of Peace | The 2012 Scenario

Archangel Michael: Creating a World of Peace | The 2012 Scenario. first published 15 september by SteveBeckow.com

by Steve BeckowThe following is a reading with Archangel Michael from Sept. 13, 2011, through Linda Dillon. In it he discusses dimensionality, Ascension, disappearances, shifts or “waves” of Ascension, equivalence of planes and dimensions, Libya and NATO, Disclosure, NESARA, and the Lightworkers Fund.[Opening prayer deleted.]Archangel Michael: Greetings, I am Michael.Steve: Good morning, Lord. Thank you for coming.AAM: And when would I not? (sweet chuckle.) I am pleased to be with you this day.S: Thank you, Lord.AAM: Your work goes well.S: Thank you.AAM: And your unfoldment goes well. Yes, I know there are many questions and many queries. And it is about the unfoldment of a plan of the Mother upon this beautiful planet, but it also about a race … a human race, becoming. Yes, we know that it looks like turmoil and upheaval, but great strides are being made. They are not being made in the forefront of the news, but they are being made in the corners of peoples’ hearts and minds, so be encouraged, dear friend.S: Thank you Lord. What do you mean by “great strides are being made?” So often we hear general statements, but we don’t really know what is going on. It is said to be behind the scenes. ­­­­ But what is it that is going on?­­­­­­­­­­­­­AAM: When I have said, “great strides are being made,” I do not necessarily mean in what you are thinking of as the places of decisions and power. I am talking about in the quiet of peoples’ hearts and peoples’ homes. There is a growing intensity. Now you well know, that the energy that has flooded your planet now for some time — and that is beginning to lessen — that is why you are feeling slightly better, but this energy has been penetrating the entire field of each and every person on your earth, … on your planet.Now that energy is transformative. And it has the ability to, … yes, in some, create chaos and further turmoil, but in many, it has broken through to their hearts, and in many ways it has re-opened or re-activated their hearts. It is brought them back to what is really important in their lives, in their values, and in what they want to see and accomplish during this life, yes in a whole variety of ways – and a whole variety of belief systems as well.The belief systems, as long as they are anchored in love, do not concern us, really. It is the belief systems that have been rooted in the old human ways that have caused difficulties in the past, so when I say that great strides are being made, I mean that the fear, the anxiety, the sense of hopelessness, the sense of being completely detached from the rest of humanity, … that is changing. And it is changing rapidly.Yes, there is still far too much anger and fear, and we use those often interchangeably within the collective, and yes, there are those who are in positions of power who cling to it as if it is really the Holy Grail. Of course, it is not. And they are still continuing to be influenced by a false sense of power and security, but the people in the villages and the towns, in your rural areas, and we’re not just talking about Canada or the United States … we’re talking all over the globe, are having a sense of awakening and a sense that there is something transpiring that they are a part of, but that is much bigger than them … that there is something coming. They do not all know or understand …clearly what, and that is all right. What the key is … is that they are basing themselves, bringing themselves back to the feeling like there has to be more to life than struggle and dominance, … than power. That is why we say that there is significant change.S: OK, that’s very helpful. I have a number of questions on matters which are unclear to me. If I may ask those…AAM: Absolutely.S: All right, thank you. One of [my questions] is that recently I had a discussion with Suzy Ward, and she corrected my understanding, I believe, … by saying that we don’t ascend to Fifth Dimension, we ascend to fourth. And so I wanted to ask you a number of questions about ascension… First of all, is that correct that, when we talk about ascension, we are talking about ascension to the Fourth Dimension?AAM: One of the things that I do not want to have happen is to have people arguing about how many angels are dancing on the head of a pin in what dimension.The Fourth Dimension you have actually been moving in and through, and it has been available even via the Third Dimension for some time. Are there those that want to go the Fourth Dimension and play? Absolutely. There are also those that will continue on at this time into the Seventh. It will not be immediate as I have told you before, but now you are passing through the Fourth. Think of yourself as going through a revolving door. It is not where you are landing up.S: All right. I don’t know if I should be discussing this or not. I’ll tell you what, I’ll give my question, and if you don’t want to answer, that’s fine. Matthew said that if we were in the Fourth now, that wars would cease and people would be relating well to each other, but we haven’t come into the Fourth. So I’m a bit confused because I do rely very heavily on Matthew. Could you comment?AAM: The Fourth Dimension is the dimension where you begin to see the alchemy at work, where you begin to feel and to fully participate in what many would think of as magic. It is where you have relationships­ open and conscious relationships with other kingdoms, elementals, and so on.When that is really anchored, then the sense of wanting to destroy that sense of duality of either/or begins to cease. Matthew is absolutely correct in that. But it does not mean that you have not begun, some time ago actually, to move into the Fourth Dimension. And you will see pockets of it around your world, around your planet.Look for the places of peace. Look for the communities, and I do not simply mean geographic or social communities. Look for the communities where peace has and is anchoring very firmly, even within your own community.The purpose is never, never to create discord. The confusion of this inter-dimensional relay is that so many on earth anyway are feeling is an either/or. Your core anchoring right now is in the Third Dimension. The Third Dimension, my brother, is delightful. The difficulty with the Third Dimension is the overlay of the human system of duality.Yes, it presents many opportunities for spiritual, physical, mental, … all kinds of growth, but the core of that is to have this wondrous potential to be in physicality. And even duality can present great beauty when it is approached from a place of purity, but do not think of it as either/or.The other thing I wish to say about this, dear friend, is that one of the reference points that you are all looking to, and of course this makes absolute sense, is the condition of the human race of the collective. And what you are not looking more fully at, is also the conditions of the whole of Gaia herself … and of her journey and the journey of everything else upon Gaia.You say to me, “Well, how can that be Michael?” I say to you “Is there war between the kingdoms? … between the animals?” The answer of course, is, “No.” Oh, there are survival issues, of course, but that sense of harmony which is one of the keys to Fourth Dimension, is already present. So it is not an either/or.Yes, Gaia, herself has been shrugging a great deal lately, as she is literally throwing off the shackles. When I speak to you, I speak to you as my brother of peace and my brother of change. And I speak to you about the absence, not only of war but of struggle, of hatred, of greed. Much of this discussion, … and I know your scientific minds of earth will not like this … but think of the inter-dimensional transition as being the transition to wholeness and to love.There is not one being that you are following or listening to that does not come from a place of pure heart, of wanting to be the relay for truth. You, dear heart, have been given the gift of very high discernment. Use it.S: All right. Thank you. Another point of disagreement among people who are talking about this, is whether ascension will be sudden or gradual. Matthew says ‘not sudden,’ … people will not disappear, but then Sananda in The Celestial Stair says, ‘no, people will disappear. They will be sitting together, and one will disappear.’ Is ascension sudden or is it gradual?AAM: It is incremental. But let us be very clear, people will disappear. Now, in conjunction with that, they will also become a dim memory. You’ve had situations like this where you have had a pain or a bad habit or something that used to bother you very deeply, and you let it go. And then a year or two later, this situation will arise again and in a very vague way, you will say, “Oh, … yeah, that used to bother me,” and then you will continue with your day.The shifting can be incremental. It can also be, and this is going to depend on the readiness of the population, but what we are seeing right now, is that it will be in shifts. And there will be steps and doorways where some will simply go through and anchor for the whole, and then more will go through and anchor for the whole, until the entire process is completed.Now there still will be those unfortunately, (or fortunately for they are doing what they wish, although it is not my desire), that will choose to continue on in this type of a reality, of the third as you could think of it as … and they will be shifted to an alternate situation. The people, … say who are sitting there, may blink and not even remember … or have dim sense, ‘I wonder where so and so went?’People will disappear. It will not be cause for trauma or mayhem. It will not be the same grieving as someone in the physical realm dying. It will just be a slight shift in the case of friends. But, in the case of husbands and wives, parents and children, there would be a knowing.S: All right. Will there be waves of ascension?AAM: Yes, that is what I have called “steps.”S: Steps. Could you tell me when the first wave occurred?AAM: It has already taken place.S: Yes, that’s what I think I understand from Sananda. Do you know when it took place?AAM: There have been various waves, with the very first one taking place in 1991. There was also a slight wave in 1987. There will be another one this year, … or there will actually be three. So there have been various waves, and then there have been tiny waves here and there.S: All right. Is there a wave connected to 11-11-11?AAM: Yes.S: And 12-12-11? Is that the other wave you mentioned?AAM: It is Oct 28, November 11, December 12 and December 12, 2012.S: All right. Now, if I were to mention … I’m sure there will be a lot of questions, so …AAM: Do not mention dates! (laughter)S: I’m sorry. Pardon?AAM: Humans become attached.S: Yes. (laughter)[I subsequently told Archangel Michael that I had mentioned these dates in error and he informed me that mentioning them was acceptable.]AAM: We know that to be very, very true! It is like the choice when you were in high school or college … what dance you wanted to go to. Now some were ready to dance much earlier than others … more ready to engage than others. The portal of what people are thinking of as 11-11-11 is a portal of human awakening, so it isn’t even so much a divinely orchestrated event in that it has captured and started to build energy in the human community. They’ll say, “That’s our day, let’s go!” And so they will. But it could be December 24th. It could be December 25th. But they are building this energy.S: I see.AAM: And we are cooperating fully so everything is in alignment.S: So, people will then disappear? They’ll go to the Fifth Dimension, is that correct?AAM: Some people will disappear, yes.S: So some people will disappear, and so they’ll go to the Fifth Dimension. And now will these people that go early like this, are they part of the masters who will be returning later?AAM: Yes, but also, many of these people who, shall we say ‘take early exit,’ will also have the ability to travel back and forth and communicate with those still stuck in the Third. No, not in physical form, well not in physical as you think of it. But their reality will be completely different.S: Ok, so when you say not in physical form as we think of it, they will have a physical form, … they’ll be physically visible?AAM: That is correct. It is like when you see many of your star brothers and sisters, … they are visible, but they’re not completely present.S: OK, I understand that. So some people will be leaving early, so to speak, on 10-28, 11-11, etc., because we are orienting to those dates.Let me just go to the side for a sec on a few matters. Is what Sananda said in The Crystal Stairreliable, because it differs from things people are saying today, in some respects? Is it generally reliable?AAM: It is not 100%, but yes, it is reliable.S: Why would it not be 100%? Have things changed since then?AAM: Some things have changed, but the other things, … why we say it is reliable … the key is to get people thinking, feeling, and ready. And The Crystal Stair does that entirely.S: All right. It is Sananda speaking, is it not?AAM: Yes, it is. (Not someone masquerading.)S: Because Sananda said we all leave the Earth. He said, at one point, that the Earth’s surface would be destroyed, we’d be engaging in rapture, while Matthew Ward says it won’t be rapture, you won’t leave Earth.AAM: Earth is coming, … we have talked about this. It is as much her Ascension as anybody’s, perhaps even more so. But it is not the Earth you are thinking of as today’s Earth.S: Are you talking about the part that will be destroyed or the Earth that will ascend?AAM: The Earth that will ascend.S: So that Earth will not be the same as today’s Earth. Could you just expand on that a bit?AAM: It will not be an Earth that is filled with pollution and war. It will not be an earth where there are earthquakes or volcanoes taking place. It will be an Earth where the harmony has been restored.S: OK, I do see that.AAM: Now when the word, … and this is a word that is highly charged, that people talk about …the “rapture.” Well I assure you, dear friend, that when you ascend, you will feel a sense of rapture! Now, because that is a highly charged word, I would say, “you will feel the bliss.” So we will not call it the “rapture.”S: Right, OK.AAM: But that is what it is.S: I thought that might be the case, that it is a rapture.AAM: But the word has become politicized.S: Right OK, that’s good. Should I be orienting toward ascending early or not? I have this sense that I’m supposed to be here.AAM: You’re supposed to be here.S: So it’s not my lot to go early. I’m going to stay at this post.AAM: If you sit with me and you ask of me to come right away, then of course, I will work with you. Such is my love for you. That has not been our plan.S: No … well, I understand that I’m supposed to be doing what I’m doing. I don’t want to be going against the plan.AAM: Then stay put, dear heart.S: All right, that just allows me to have some certainty about it. Can I just confirm with you that the Fourth Dimension is the closest equivalent, not exactly equivalent obviously, of the Astral Planes, and the Fifth Dimension is the closest equivalent in the physical world of the Mental Planes. Is that correct?

AAM: Yes, but the Astral Planes is much more than that, as you know. It would be like saying “Steve is a journalist.” It would leave so much left unsaid.S: All right.AAM: So when you say the Fourth is like the Astral, it is absolutely correct, but it is also very rich in other detail.S: Ok, thank you. That’s very interesting. I hope to find more details about that at some point. I’m going to jump for sec and then I’ll return to this line of questioning.Libya and NATO, I’ve gotten into a controversy by saying that ‘NATO is turning around its hat, NATO in helping Libya was doing a good thing.’ There’s a line of reporting that says, ‘No, NATO is doing a bad thing in Libya.’ Can you help me understand that? Is NATO’s actions in Libya and Syria a good thing, or are they trying to simply insure their access to oil?AAM: No, they are trying to create peace.S: OK, and so is it correct to say they have turned around their hat … that they have taken the cause of peace?AAM: Yes, and I can tell you that directly, … as part of my peace initiative.S: All right. Could you just tell me what the central happening was … was it the US Navy that influenced NATO to become peaceful, or was it some group or some person?AAM: The Navy had small part.S: Who had a big part?AAM: I did.S: All right. And are you saying a kind of a personal intervention with people?AAM: It was an energetic healing. It was an instilling of the desire for peace. It was a dire exhaustion of the struggle for war. It was a letting go. It was moving this group energetically from being in a place where they felt they had to react, and the only way to progress was to be offensive, to reminding them that they can be proactive in creating a very different world and a world of peace.S: That’s wonderful, and am I correct that the US Navy has been one of the Earth allies for subduing the cabal?AAM: Yes.S: All right, well is there anything you wish to tell us about the [UFO/Extraterrestrial] Disclosure? …the nearness of it or what’s holding it up?AAM: When we began this conversation and we said that the hearts are opening, one by one by one, replacing fear and anger with love. That has been substantial. And so the fear quotient of the human collective has gone down significantly. Now that does not mean that there are not those primarily positioned in the USA, although there are some in China as well, who wish to still instill what we would call a fear or a protection of economic interests into the hearts of many.Disclosure is still on the table. And those who have agreed to it have not backed away, and that, dear heart is significant. So even though there has been some back and forthing on the political level, the nations that have agreed to move forward in this are doing so.S: Informally or unofficially?­­ … Releasing stories, or how are they…AAM: Releasing stories, … demanding that the military begin to release information. Now there is not always a direct ‘obedience,’ which isn’t a word I use a great deal, of those orders, but regardless of that, the military is on full alert that they need to begin that level of disclosure so that it is becoming more commonplace, and that the disclosures go to the media.S: Right.AAM: It is still on track for before the end of the year.S: All right, and I know that Brazil is one of those countries … Mexico … another?AAM: Yes, as is France, Egypt, Germany.S: Is the government of my own country, Canada?AAM: Oh yes, dear heart, they have always been on board.S: Do they have integrity or are they part of the cabal?AAM: Mixture.S: OK. Anything that you want to say about NESARA? I know people are just hanging on by their fingernails, some of them. Is NESARA going to happen before Disclosure?AAM: No, it will be about the same time.S: About the same time, since you said Disclosure is before the end of the year, am I correct …AAM: Yes you are correct in that.S: So we only have to wait until before the end of the year. There’s no chance that statement might not materialize, is there? … that people would the find themselves again tremendously disappointed?AAM: Our intent is not to set people up, ever. There is very little chance, if you are asking that question, that this will not come to pass. The only situation in which this will not come to pass is that if one of the … what we would call major players … threatens to create a holocaust situation with their arms [weapons], and that is highly, highly, highly unlikely because the major influencers have already said yes.Now those who are behind the scenes, those that you call the cabal, do they wish and do they wend their ways to instill fear, … to try and make people feel uncertain and to make people feel that the entire economic system will be collapsing in complete chaos? Oh of course, they do.But you know, dear heart, what I will tell you is this. Just as I have worked with many of my allies, your sweet self included, and those of NATO, I now intend to bring peace into the hearts of those who are ruling the economic systems behind the scenes. I do not intend that they will be resistant. This will go forward.I want those who believe that they control the monetary systems, the economic wealth of the planet, to simply know that they will receive a divine infusion of love, … of inspiration, of change, of hope, of insight into doing things in a very different way. I want them to know that, and through that, this gives the populace great hope. No, there is nothing else. As you know, I hesitate always to give the humans dates because it is so disappointing if it does not transpire, or if it does not transpire in the way that people are hoping.S: Yes. Me too.AAM: Yes, and your credibility, dear heart, is important to ours.S: Alright. The lightworker’s fund … was that your idea?AAM Yes, it was. It is mine, and it is the Mother’s to tell you the truth. It is her Hope Chest.S: And you mean Gaia or the Divine Mother?AAM: I mean the Divine Mother, with Gaia as her keeper.S: Ah hah. OK, well, are there any instructions you want to give to me and Dave Schmidt on how this should run, be organized or what it should do.AAM: It is to support those in need. It is to support those who have been true to their calling, to the role that they have fullfilled and are fulfulling, and most of these, as you well know, are unpaid jobs, and that is very, very difficult in your reality, so it is to help those who are in need. So, yes, there has need to be discerning about who needs what, when, but David will do that. And what you will be surprised at is how much money will come forward in support of those people.S: Wonderful. We have been warned that we might be snookered or lied to or misled. Have you anything to say about that?AAM: Yes. That is duality trying to make you fearful of leading with your heart. It is trying to make you suspicious of your fellow brothers and sisters of the light. You will not be snookered, dear heart!S: Alright. (Laughter) I personally don’t mind being snookered. I’m serving God with my money, no matter where it goes or to whom.AAM: If there is someone who is in such a dark place that they feel the need to use deception to gain entry to the Hope Chest, they will receive far much more than financial support. They will receive all the light and love, so it is one of those systems that is failsafe. The love and light is attached to the money. They will receive it and be transformed, and they will pay it back in other ways, so it is impossible to be snookered.S: Very interesting. Thank you. Do you have a message for the lightworkers who sit on the board and for Dave?AAM: Dear friends, welcome. I sit here with you. I assume my place at this table that our beloved mother has prepared I do not sit at the head of table, but next to you to assist, to support and yes, now and then, to suggest, … to point the way. You are being given and you have assumed a sacred trust, and for this, I thank you. Turn to us, the mother and I, for assistance. We will be there.AAM: Farewell.S: Thank you Lord. 

Rick Windsor : Creating a Desirable Outcome out of an Undesirable One

This is in response to a horrible situation a friend witnessed where people were beating an animal to death and the friend  could not stop them

First, always first I would go within and ask my Higher Self to show me what these people are trying to learn in creating this. What are their contracts and karma this life. I need to see this from a point of being One with them.

I would ask Guidance about how to create a more loving desirable situation.

I would ask to give love to the animal in its passing into Non-Physical.

I would ask to give Love to the souls practicing such cruelty as obviously they are very damaged and wounded.

Always adding the injunction that I know the Universe will only allow me to help create from the greatest and Highest Good I would through my High Self to connect with the Great Company of High Selves to give me a picture of what this Illusion could be changed into. A perfect Picture. And ask that I be helped into creating and holding that picture Within Myself.

Now the real work begins.

I allow myself to really feel the pain, the fear that I am feeling having witnessed this. To feel it with all its intensity, knowing that I was drawn here to help change it. But if I try to create from a fearful energy I will only make it worse. So I feel it and then let it go.

Now I hold the “desired” picture I have been given and infuse it with all the Love of the Universe that I can envision.

I ask that it be so!

I trust this vision is in alignment with the Higher Will. I give thanks that I have been brought to the situation and shown how to help create the change. I reaffirm that the Universe knows the Perfect method of healing. And that it may take more pain to bring about the  Release within those involved. I recognize that at my level I can’t see the perfect process, nor should try to control it. Doing so limits the Universe. I completely let go trusting the Universe to heal the Situation in the most perfect way.

Every time I remember the situation I go to the Desired picture and give love to it and all involved. If I have trouble with doing that I go back within to release the fear and again come back into LOVE and LIGHT. Each time I do this with anything I know I am reaffirming my Beingness as a Co-Creator with Source and returning to who I really AM