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Visionkeeper – Creativity Will Save Us – 3 April 2012

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I was answering another blog post yesterday morning where it was being discussed about where we are going next in the ever-increasing data filled world. I said the answer was not in collecting more data but in creativity. I believe our data mining days are over. Data was needed to keep control of everything, to know everything. We are no longer that world or that way of thinking. That is what we are leaving behind as we enter into the new world. There is no longer a need to control or dominate, what will be needed are minds that can think outside the box and create a new way of being in the world. Our minds will have their own capacity to know everything needed, which will be far less than now, as we are coming full circle and heading back to a world of simplicity and caring and meaning. All we will need to know about  is love. Continue reading