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Visionkeeper – Creator Gave Us Everything We Need – 16 May 2012

One of the wonders of man is our brain and our abilities to think, yet if one looks closely one can see it also has the possibility to be the downfall of man. We think too much and have forgotten to fine tune our instincts. Like the picture I chose, you don’t think the squirrel spent its whole life wondering how it would stay warm and dry in winter do you, if it would have enough food, where it was going to live. God gave it a tail so why not use it. They instinctively know the universe will provide for them if they are willing to do their part. In separating ourselves from this innate instinct we have cleared a space within for doubt and worry. All the inventions and gadgets we have created throughout our evolution have slowly eroded away our abilities to rely on our instincts and our knowing to survive and thrive in the world. With each new creation designed to make our lives easier, another small piece of our ability to do for ourselves vanishes and we become more and more dependent on others for our survival. Continue reading