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CrystalStarseed444 – Gianna Talks About Her Relationship Patterns – 15 July 2014

Uploaded on 15 July 2014 by CrystalStarseed444 Did you want to be so close with your partner and they didn’t? Did you attract partners that wanted to be close to you when you didn’t. Been there!!! This video will help shed some light on why. 🙂

CrystalStarseed444 – Genevieve On Healing – 10 July 2014

Uploaded on 9 July 2014 by CrystalStarseed444 Genevieve talking about her inward healing process and things she learned while going within.

CrystalStarseed444 – My Morning Spiritual Routine – 13 June 2014

Uploaded 11 June 2014  by CrystalStarseed444  Look at: http://www.lightworkertwins.com


CrystalStarseed444 – Deep Rooted Conditions – 24 January 2014