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Crystaqueous – Sciences Of The Dream – Part 9 -( forgot to post on 5 May) 7 May 2012

The subject of astrology is a fascinating one. Truly, many roles are highly absorbed in this Play art in the capacity of performing readings or chartings etc, etc, or merely seekers of such.   It can truly be said, that this is among the many sciences of the dream in which all the while one is actively participating, one will not share in an ascension focus simultaneously.  It’s like having one foot in the dream while attempting to have the other in the Realm of the Real.  This can not be done. Continue reading


Crystaqueous – The Blessed Story Being Told On The Earth Stage – Part 10 – 6 May 2012

Although all are indeed on their journey to role termination whether they realize it or not, I feel it’s healthy to keep a focus on the fact that an incredibly wonderful Story is being told which highly depends on every single role that’s being acted out upon this earth stage.  And therefore there is incredible significance to every detail and every event transpiring here.  Very often these take the form of entering into a romance, breaking up from the same, protesting for peace at some government capitol center, taking a trek with one’s sweetheart into a high and beautiful mountain on a delightfully sunny and warm day, writing a book, raising a child, getting sick and well again, teaching truth and healing the diseased, the hour commute to the work place, growing a garden, and making the matrix film, etc, etc, etc,. Continue reading

Crystaqueous – Do Performing Artists In The Dream Create Their Own Reality? Part 7 – 3 May 2012

There are multiple appearances in the Dream none of which are the way things really are. What I mean by this is that even though the masses find themselves intently believing and promoting this or that theory with the common belief among such that they thereby create their own realities, this too is simply among the appearances on the Stage of Dream.   All dream imaginings aside, every thought and action within the Earth Drama is in precise accordance with the Script of Divinity.  Therefore in the final analysis, all scenarios are the way they are not because human mind makes them so but rather due to the fact that roles are all pre-scripted accordingly. Hence the dream axiom—“we create our own reality”—is never true regardless of how long it has been entertained to the contrary.   Oh, the unparalleled and joyous nature of the Divine Cosmic Play! Continue reading

Crystaqueous – The Song Of Solara – Part 6 – 2 May 2012

Greatly beloved is the expression by Solara which I have entitled:

The Song Of  Solara

“This Planet is merely a playground for Gods and Angels.  Some of us are playing the roles of ‘good guys’ and some of us are the ‘bad guys’, but sooner or later, this Play is going to be over.  After the make-up and costumes are removed, who is going to remain?  Just some Celestial Beings of Light who finally completed a Grand Adventure, a tiny Cosmic Play. Continue reading

Crystaqueous – Detachment – Part 5 – 1 May 2012

Yes, whatever is coming our way in this time is best to be wholeheartedly embraced and not run away from.  The whole concept of detachment is far distorted on the dream stage.  This is by no means saying that such is out of sorts with the Script Divine.  Impossible it is for anything to be out of time or place here, contrary to many appearances and so-called human-mind notions.  Detachment is invariably in distortion when it is consciously planned and worked at by the dream mind.  Detached all will surely become—even from their very own erroneous self.  But such will occur only by the Cuing of Divinity—even while the mind human remains in its last-ditch attempts to halt all thought and effort toward this and having an acute awareness of its utter helplessness to achieve such. Continue reading

Crystaqueous – An Observation – Part 3 – 29 April 2012

Theoretical volleyball seems to be significant.  Since such is present here obviously it must form an intricate part of—perhaps, a divine play? or whatever is in progress on planet earth.

It has been said that limitation is really not any more actual anywhere any more than is birth or death.  However, these, along with a seemingly endless list of other similar considerations are said to be present on the Earth Stage. Continue reading

Crystaqueous – Apparent Journey Of The Dream Ego – Part 4 – 30 April 2012

The journey of all egos through the realm of the unreal is as follows.

1) Firstly it seeks to nurture itself by exploiting the world.  This done…

2) next it seeks to save the world.  This done…  (All dream drummers—teachers and healers—fall under this category). Continue reading

Crystaqueous – Self-Realization In The Dream – Part 2 – 28 April 2012

It may be noted how very unique it is that the mind-human cannot possibly allow for or easily deal with the notion of the elimination of a someone to ‘get there’ or ‘become awakened’ or evolve out of the dream of the earth play to a happy and endless existence beyond.   Someone must be weaned from something.  So attached is the dream-self to its idea of the eternal longevity of itself when all the while the Reality Being back of such has Forever been and will Timelessly and Immutably remain only that very Thing. Continue reading

Crystaqueous – Letter To A Friend – Part 1 – April 2012 – 26 April 2012

I have often pondered a scenario that is so similar to the illustration of the platform the train and the spaces of rich essence between the cars you wrote of.

Often people mistake my writings for instructional material and myself as some sort of teacher.  Neither of which is what is actually transpiring.  So I often have invited the readers of my material to focus not so much on the words which they read or hear spoken but on the energy that flows forth from the spaces between. When this is done no misrepresentation is possible.  When the words are the focus it is so easy for one to begin comparing or trying to decipher their meaning.  This only leads to apparent confusion and to perhaps coming to either rejecting or accepting the imagined meaning of words.  Either way produces chaos—like the drama you speak of in the train cars.  Continue reading