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The Young Turks – Current – Power Company Doesn’t Pay Taxes, But It Still Wants A $66 Million Rate Increase From Customers – 6 July 2012

Pepco, an electric power company in Washington, D.C., hasn’t managed to fix the power outage in the homes it covers in six days, and yet it still requested a $66 million rate increase for customers. “Where’s all that money going if it’s not going to infrastructure? If it’s not going to get your power back up quickly?” Cenk asks. “It turns out, it goes to their executives.”

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Current – LIBOR Explained And It’s Implications – It’s Over For The Banking Cabal – 6 July 2012

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Current – The Public Should Be Outraged : Why Jamie Dimon Got A Pass From The Senate Banking Committee – 15 June 2012

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