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John Ward – Cyprus, The EU & Geopolitics : Germany Out To Damage Cyprus-Greece-Israel Energy Triad – IMF Out To Strengthen US Influence – 22 January 2013

cyprusptResult: stalemate….and a tectonic shift in alliances?

Those who doubt that geopolitics have been at the centre of the Greek debt saga since Day One should read the piece below carefully. The demands being made on Cyprus by Berlin are a thinly veiled attempt to challenge the Greek EZ – and by the IMF, to enhance the American-backed energy/exploitation triad in the region. The Slog outlines the real reasons why Germany and the IMF are at odds. Continue reading

Mish/ Mike Shedlock – Greek Finance Minister Resigns Before Being Sworn In; Cyprus Seeks Bailout From Euro Zone Partners – 25 June 2012

(Lucas: After Spain made its request official for a bailout by 100 Bn Euros the rest follows in line as forseen.)

One might think the the newly elected Prime Minister of Greece would have enough common sense to not appoint a finance minister with a history of medical problems. One might also think a person with known medical problems would turn down the position if offered because of the obvious stress. Continue reading

John Ward – Cyprus : Shock For Brussels & Troika As Putin Bids To Create Another Cuba – 21 June 2012

Cypriots close to sealing €5bn loan from Moscow

One of the problems of having your head up your backside, examining the  internal view of your navel, is that the field of vision is extremely restricted. Frau Merkel having done it again yesterday afternoon (“I never agreed to that, it’s just a theory”), things go from bad to worse as ClubMed picks up the tab for multivariate greed, and the blindness of the eurozone’s founders. Continue reading

UFO Report – UFOs Over Cyprus – AMAZING FOOTAGE ! – January 2012

uploaded by GlobalUFos 14th January 2012 on YouTube

8 minute display of multiple UFOs manoeuvring