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Wes Annac – Daniel (Deus Nexus): The Mind Has No Firewall – 12 March 2015

wesannac2Reposted from: Conscious Hugs | by Daniel (Thanks to Deus Nexus)

expanded_mindIn my paper, “New World Religion,” I commented on the fact that “The Mind Has No Firewall,” stating that our minds, those lumps of gray matter that run our body and life, have no protection against a number of non-biological viruses such as subliminal programming, suggestion, behavior modification and even active mind control.

Our computers, however, have very extensive “firewalls” that block out all these unwanted intrusions from other computers on the Internet. If we were only that careful of our own minds, then The Powers That Be would be out of a job, because they could not influence the “masses” to the extent they do to stay in power—and they put a great deal of time and effort into it. A reader of that paper suggested that I should expound upon this topic as a blog entry. Continue reading