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Lucas – ITU – International Telecommunication Union – Globalists Pushing UN Internet Control Treaty – 22 February 2012

The ITU – International Telecommunication Union has employed activities in the field of cyber security  for a long time. The wish one way or the other to have global control over internet and related to the current internet and the new technics to replace the internet in future is strong with the globalists.  SOPA/PIPA/ACTA all being under scrutiny and failing to get the full grip is now being followed by a new tactic. Continue reading


A Call To The Still Opposing Dark Cabal: Resistance is Futile

In my endeavours in writing on the changes taking place rapidly  I would like to say to the dark cabal, Resistance  is Futile.  The call is not being ironic, just a hint to the Star Trek series. The Borg in the series with their group consciousness did not respect other life only the use of other life to their advantage in growing superiority was priority . Conquer and enslave was their goal. The dark cabal had a similar agenda they wanted to be in power and keep the planet and humans to their exclusive control and minimized to 500.ooo people. Life they don’t respect in realising their goals.

Keeping people in check with control devices is one of those things they wanted to spread over the world. Most of you don’t know how they are controlled . RFID chips (radio frequency identification) are in everything, cameras all around you, listening in on all communications, checking e-mail, internet and social media traffic and via your mobile phones, pads, notebooks. Watching you move via GPS, mobile phones antenna networks, social media apps, and chemical tattoo tracking. Controlling every data there is via data banks and connecting them. Manipulating humans via HAARP, mind control, subliminal messages, organised brain washing and learning, use of the neurotoxin Fluoride in water, toothpaste, etc., to make people more susceptible to what is told and to make them willingly.

More and more has been used to make people sick for a long time by the dark cabal. The so-called benefit of vaccines which don’t heal but will  make you sick is a strong card they have played. The form of spreading or engineering disease via medicines, viruses, bacteria, vaccines, food poisons by use of deadly pesticides or food additives will all help you die early. Further the Codex Alimentarius which is waiting to be up and running is one of those instruments they wanted. Its makes natural medicines and cures, vitamins and herbs almost impossible to be used anymore in future. Vitamins will be classified as toxins for example. So eventually the Pharmaceutical industry could win and make more people addicted, perish sooner of medical drug poisoning  and on the adverse effects of drugs and vaccines and still paying  for it.

Food is controlled also. In for instance speculating in food prices, putting deadly pesticides on crops. Let us eat GMO crops. Dump cheap goods as so-called help. Keep people starving. Restrictions on home-grown foods will be  put in place or are going to be. No more use, grow, sell, share, process of your own foods. You will be dictated what you eat. Yes, its true worldwide.

Wars are instigated or being helped by the dark cabal to have the war industry  making money. If its needed to make a conflict or war it will be done. They don’t care if the lives of innocent people are involved. Often the Wars are instigated to get control of resources like oil.  They use mercenaries or black ops or even manipulate governments in getting what they want. It is only a question of control and making money.

The banking and money system  is nothing else than controlling people in keeping them and states in debt. Money is issued over a non existing equivalent of gold. The gold standard is no more. Money therefore is nothing more than worthless I owe you notes of paper in which you believe. You still pay mortgages, insurance, loans back on that notion. Why? Governments and parliaments aren’t people’s representatives anymore. They have become business organisations. They are ruled and controlled by the lobbyist interests of multinationals and large companies and banks. They think only, you vote, we rule, and nothing really will change. Only so long as you will let it happen it will be like this.

Except the change has come. It all is falling apart for some time now. You only have to see. Read between the lines. Things are now only changing for the better of mankind and planet Earth. The money system fails, people rise up  and won’t put up with all of this anymore. Difficult questions need to be asked and answers given. Every day new news discloses the truth of the dark ones and their intentions and hidden agendas.  All will be exposed.

As Fulford in a video asked the few dark cabal still in power now to  please make the right decision and let go of their resistance. They will not succeed as they already have being told so. Time is up for them. They will face the full exposure of the things they have done and will not be able to flee from justice anymore.

The things happening now behind the scenes are many. The new money system will be rolled out soon. This will not be a NWO – New World Order-  dark cabal one. Even the atrocious happenings in black ops and other illegal campaigns  in warfare  as being used in for example Libya will be made public. The people will see the real faces behind it all.

No more defying human rights and birthrights of the humans and mother Earth. Our new world is emerging and soon all will be what we were foretold it would be: Paradise.  Earth will never be destructed and every prophecy telling that will not be coming true. We will have Heaven on Earth soon. Be love and light and be positive in the light of things happening now.

Love and light,