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Deadly Storms Cause Massive Flooding In Florida And Alabama – 30 April 2014

Photo from Twitter/@IndianaWxOnline

Photo from Twitter/@IndianaWxOnline

As a deadly weather front continued to make its way across the Southern United States late Tuesday and early Wednesday, both Florida and Alabama were struck with severe flooding that’s left at least one person dead.

According to the Associated Press, rainfall in the Florida Panhandle – especially the area around Pensacola – and the coast of Alabama has been relentless, dropping well over a foot of rain in both states. Houses have been flooded to the point where residents have had to seek higher ground, and overflowing roads have stranded drivers waiting to be picked up by rescue squads.

In Pensacola, where 15-20 inches of rain fell in a one-day period, at least one woman has been reported dead due to driving in perilously high waters. Florida Gov. Rick Scott has declared a state of emergency in 26 counties.

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