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Lisa Gawlas – December 11th: The New Pillar Of Light (11) Is YOU!! – 2 December 2014

lisagawlas2It seems December is now being shared in parts, the first part being the first week we are now in.  The culmination of this week, creating outcomes of continued direction for the next part of December.  The focal point beyond this week, is that interesting date of the 11th, that is what I would like to expand on today.  I so wish I could put this into a video or hell, even a painting, because you would understand where I know my words are going to fail… but alas, my words are my only paintbrush… dammit!!

Lets first take the number 11, two 1’s that create a column or pillar, the ones also representing new beginnings when separated, butting them together to form the eleven is spiritual illumination, a light house if you will.   It is also our new storehouse of Light as well, but different than ever before.  (<–this part, I am still trying to understand.) Continue reading