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Visionkeeper – Let Us Be Lanterns Of Light – 28 September 2012

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It is getting more unsettled by the day, people are getting harder to communicate with, not a whole lot makes sense right now and it is imperative we continue to carry the light into the dark corners of the world. I see so many people now unable to make sense of what is going on around them, they are not truly awake and cannot see past the haze of propaganda they have been living in. Continue reading


Suzanne Lie – Mytre And The Arcturian – Part 7 – Bubbles Of Reality – 9 September 2012

As I sat in the completely darkened holosuite, focusing on the void within my Core, I began to have sensations in my body. At first, my back and legs were stiff from sitting in the same position for an untold period of time. Then, my arms, shoulders and neck hurt, and my face twitched. Eventually, even my eyelashes and hair seemed to hurt.
Finally, the uncomfortable sensations ceased, and I began to experience my body as a flexible cord that was being stretching to its fullest length. At this point, the cord became increasingly warm and began to unravel. I was watching the imagistic language, trying to translate every image. Continue reading

Common Dreams – First Our Homes, Now Our Water? – 23 August 2012

Food & Water Watch Analysis Reveals Wall Street’s Hold on Municipal Water Systems

WASHINGTON – August 22 – Following its disastrous foray into the housing market, Wall Street’s latest earnings scheme is as close as your kitchen sink: the finance industry is increasingly targeting public water systems. A new report released today by the national consumer advocacy group Food & Water Watch, Private Equity, Public Inequity: The Public Cost of Private Equity Takeovers of U.S. Water Infrastructure reveals that as of January 2012, private equity players had raised $186 billion through 276 infrastructure funds and were seeking another $93 billion to take over infrastructure worldwide. Continue reading

Greg Giles – Why Some Ligthworkers Will Ascend Before December 2012 – 14 November 2011

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A number of readers to a recent article I posted have expressed concern that a number of Lightworkers would be ascending before the mass ascension of humanity and their host planet Gaia. These concerns are based on the belief that these ‘departing’ souls would be forsaking their Lightworker duties for the easy life on a beautiful Neptunian beach, or returning to their home worlds for a blissful family reunion. (We will, but that comes later.) Although it is true that many Lightworkers are tasked with the important role of remaining on Earth to anchor the 5th dimensional ascension frequencies, as well as other vital tasks, there are also a number of Lightworkers whose services are called for from the 5th dimensional side of the divine plan. Continue reading