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Sophia Love – December 22nd Update – 22 December 2014

SophiaLoveNewGood Day Sophia and Everyone and Happy Solstice!

In cosmological understanding the cycle after Solstice which on this Solar Cycle of 2014 is 21 december can be called “a New Year”! From this moment Earth’s cycles in northern hemisphere will start becoming longer and longer and in southern shorter and shorter.

I wasn’t available for some time and I have to warn that You have to be ready if I “disappear” out of a sudden, we have a lot of work to do in restoring this World, so GEs aren’t fixed in one place.

First situation around the Globe. The Shift is taking place, everything is like it was before – good (could have been better), nothing new to say. All illuminati are doing are keeping low and simply keep barking at Russia and BRICS, fortunately they are afraid to make false flags, because as soon as they would make one, this would be their ultimate downfall. Everyone around the World are “at the edge” and if something bad or nasty would take place “again” the responsibles will be seen in Bright Light! Continue reading