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Lisa Gawlas – December Unveiled!!! – 1 December 2014

lisagawlas2Well, now I see (yup, joyful pun intended) what all the waiting/cooking was about!!  Wow did you come out of the quantum oven bright and different!! And it would take all 6 connections to really start to weave a coherent story to share.

There was a common theme in most connections, and energy that moved up from the earth, engorged and engulfed you, became one as you, that looked very much like the sun itself.  Fiery white, orange and yellow radiance.  Each presentation was as unique as you are, but the outcome the same in purpose.  You were born to radiate the light of the heavens.  Now it did take a significant amount of scrubbing within, but you scrubbed yourself to the degree the sun energy now matches your cell energy!!  Hurray!!! Continue reading