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Selacia – Demystify Your Unique Life Imprint – Power – 12 February 2015

SelaciaIn this year of challenging the status quo and current uses of power, one of the most potent applications of your energy is to better understand your unique life imprint involving power. Why? When you begin to grasp your own DNA-level conditioning about power and see the bigger picture of how and why you sometimes unconsciously disown your own power, you become resourced to change the situation.

How You are Wired to Handle Power

Your unique life imprint is not just about power, of course, yet how you are wired to handle power has a huge influence on your ability to fulfill your soul’s life purpose. This conditioning about power is not new and it’s more than childhood experiences. It goes way back – to your family’s lineage, to your own past lives, and across time to experiences of humanity’s collective. Continue reading