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Obama Ordered To Denver Bunker by US Military

Obama Ordered to Denver Bunker by US Military, Eutimes.net,14 Sept.2011

A alinea of this article:

General Maslov states in his report, though, his concern over this drill is “heightened” due to last months nuclear attack on the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) branch of the intercontinental military tunnel complex between Washington D.C. and Denver, and which we reported on in our 24 August report Russia Reports Nuclear Explosions Hit Vast US Military Tunnel Network.

Source: http://www.whatdoesitmean.com/index1520.htm

My comment:

There is  a lot of things going on behind the screens as the dark cabal groups still cause troubles. I can’t verify now these messages so I want to express read with dicernment.


Hundreds of UFOs Seen (Daylight), Denver, Colorado, USA, 30 August 2011.








Comment by

uploader (magnetflipper):

No audio. This was a very strange video clip to record as it shows hundreds of strange UFO’s flying over southeast Denver Colorado, on August 30, 2011, I have filmed and recorded this, using my spotting scope and a high speed video camera …This was recorded in very high speed video format, at 210 frames per second(fps), normal video records at 30 fps. so this is slowed down 700 times the no

rmal speed, otherwise this would be very difficult to actually see what is flying up there, in another word, the person who would see this in the normal video speed would see blurs. Plus, I am using the Sun as the light source to back-light the background in to which I am filming in too. I am filming in to the Sun’s corona and using the roof-line to block the Sun. It’s called the “Sun ablation” method. Like a knife edge effect, it allows only the brightness of the Sun to shine through and yet not to see the Sun. I would suggest this to anyone to experiment with this method as it will show you objects that are otherwise invisible in pain air. I just don’t know what this object(s). are…

This was made by using a Redfield spotting scope and a Casio camera that records in 210 frames per-second .

UFO FORMATION FLYING over Denver Colorado 23 August, 2011 by Magnetflipper Night Vision


comment by me: If could be also one UFO not a fleet. It is for sure a unidentified object.

UFO’s in formation SEEN IN NIGHT VISION, Denver, Colorado,13 August 2011

UFO’s in formation SEEN IN NIGHT VISION by Magnetflipper, over Denver, Colorado, 13 August 2011 

UFO three fast balls of light over Denver Coloardo 2011

This footage uploaded today 30 July is from March 1st 2011