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DerSpiegel – Pipe It, Gerhard: EU Parliamentarians Shun Ex-Chancellor – 16 March 2014

spiegelonlineBy Gregor Peter Schmitz in Brussels

“A clear conflict of interest”: Members of the European Parliament say gas executive Gerhard Schröder should keep quiet about Ukraine.

Members of the conservatives and the Green Party in the European Parliament want to muzzle Gerhard Schröder. As the executive of a Russian pipeline company, they say, he should keep quiet about his views on the Ukraine conflict.

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DerSpiegel – Child Pornography: Victims Of Exploitation Struggle To Forget – 27 February 2014

spiegelonlineBy Maximilian Popp in Racsa, Romania

The roots of the scandal leading to the resignation of German parliamentarian Sebastian Edathy lie in Romania. In the village of Racsa, boys were filmed naked and the footage sold onward. The shame still haunts them.

Quote: Adrian P. was a child when Markus R. filmed him naked. “My friends and I saw it as a game. Markus promised us that he wouldn’t show anyone the films, and he told us not tell anyone about them. Not even our parents,” says Adrian P., who is now 19.

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DerSpiegel – Deadly Protests In Kiev: European Leaders Call For Ukraine Sanctions – 19 February 2014

spiegelonline(Lucas: this is hilarious and sad also…the ones that have been pulling Ukraine into a government to their liking and helping riots come about as reported in the this and last weeks articles published on this blog, EU and USA are guilty of manipulating aswelll as Russia… So this call for sanctions is really wanting to pull the veil in front of your eyes again if you believing the crap that is reported in mainstream media about the situation. Yes it is sad to see yet another country deliberately pulled into devastation by the powers that were for their own interests and world domination schemes. Wake up!)

By in Kiev

Ukraine experienced some of the deadliest violence seen in Eastern Europe since the collapse of the Soviet Union on Tuesday, with at least 25 dead. European leaders say they will consider possible sanctions against the government in Kiev.

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DerSpiegel – Troubled Times: Developing Economies Hit A BRICS Wall – 10 February 2014

Der Spiegel

By Erich Follath and Martin Hesse


Until recently, investors viewed China, Brazil and India as a sure thing. Lately, though, their economies have shown signs of weakness and money has begun flowing back to the West. Worries are mounting the BRICS dream is fading.

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DerSpiegel – Michaela Schiessl – Corporation Carte Blanche: Will US-EU Trade Become Too Free? – 24 January 2014

spiegelonlineOpposition to the planned new trans-Atlantic free trade agreement is growing. So far, criticism has focused on the fact that the deal seems directed exclusively at economic interests. Now fears are growing that corporations will be given too much power.

  • Part 1: Will US-EU Trade Become Too Free?
  • Part 2: A Severe Lack of Transparency

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DerSpiegel – Storming The Food Banks: Charities Struggle With Growing Demand – 4 January 2014

spiegelonlineBy Guido Kleinhubbert

Food banks and soup kitchens in many German cities are having trouble keeping up with growing demand. Some are now abandoning their free food models in their effirts to continue helping the needy.

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DerSpiegel – Harald Welzer – Climate Summit Trap: Capitalism’s March Toward Global Collapse – 9 December 2013

spiegelonlineThe Warsaw conference demonstrated that the “climate summit” model is broken and, more importantly, that capitalism itself is driving us to the brink. Protests are not the solution — it’s time to fight the system using its own weapons.

The municipal utility company in the city of Potsdam is currently wooing new customers with a special “BabyBonus” offer. The slogan reads, “We value little energy robbers! Welcome to the world!” Every newborn receives a credit of 500 kilowatt hours of electricity, allowing him or her to revel from the start in a world where everything, especially energy, will always be available in abundance. These babies may later find they’re in for a surprise.

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DerSpiegel – Stefan Keiser – Rate Scandal: Deutsche Bank’s First Big Fine Won’t Be Its Last – 5 December 2013

spiegelonlineSubprime mortgages, currency tricks, interest rate fixing: Wherever supervisory authorities have probed crooked deals of the past, Deutsche Bank comes up. Now Germany’s biggest bank has had to pay its first big fine. It won’t be the last.

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DerSpiegel – Tabloid Espionage: Trial Exposes Darkest Corners Of British Press – 4 December 2013

spiegelonlineBy Christoph Scheuermann

Former editors with newspaper News of the World are currently on trial in London, where they are accused of spying on private phone conversations for years. The unfolding testimony against close associates of publisher Rupert Murdoch shows just how far the British tabloid press has been willing to go for a scoop.

On March 21, 2002, a girl disappeared in a town in southern England, not far from London. Her name was Amanda Dowler, nicknamed Milly, and her disappearance soon gripped the entire country. She was just 13.

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DerSpiegel – Summit Flop: EU Needs New Russia Policy After Ukraine Debacle – 29 November 2013

spiegelonlineBy Nikolaus Blome and Gregor Peter Schmitz in Vilnius

The EU wanted to usher in a more modern policy toward Eastern Europe through the proposed association agreement with Ukraine. Instead, in the wake of Kiev’s change of heart, it faces a diplomatic shambles. Europe clearly needs a new strategy for Russia.

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