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DerSpiegel – European Parliament Votes Against Swift- Agreement – European Parliament Want To Stop Bankd Data Exchange With USA – 23 October 2013

spiegelonlineTranslated from german by Lucas :

European Parliament Votes Against Swift- Agreement – European Parliament Want To Stop Bank Data Exchange With USA

Votum gegen Swift-Abkommen EU-Parlament will Bankdaten-Austausch mit USA stoppen

Das EU-Parlament wagt die Konfrontation mit den USA. Als Reaktion auf die NSA-Affäre fordert es ein Aussetzen des Swift-Abkommens, das den Austausch von Bankdaten mit den Amerikanern regelt. “Wir dürfen uns nicht alles gefallen lassen”, sagt eine Abgeordnete. mehr…Forum ]

Translated :

The European Parliament  goes into confrontation with the USA as a reaction to the NSA-affair the parliament demands the halting of the Swift-agreement, that regulates the exchange of banking data with the USA.  “We can not put up with all”, said a  member.

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DerSpiegel – NATO Reform: German Plan Faces Broad Opposition – 22 October 2013

spiegelonlineBy Matthias Gebauer, Gregor Peter Schmitz and Christoph Schult in Berlin and Brussels

German Defense Minister Thomas de Maizière wants to strengthen cooperation among NATO members and is calling for reform of the military alliance. But other countries are skeptical. His proposal also threatens to upset ongoing government coalition negotiations in Berlin.

When the NATO defense ministers meet in Brussels on Tuesday afternoon to discuss the future of the alliance, one of them will be absent: Germany’s Thomas de Maizière. He will instead be at the Bellevue Palace in Berlin, where the cabinet ministers are to receive their discharge certificates from President Joachim Gauck. De Maizière will not make it in time for the start of the meeting at NATO headquarters.

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DerSpiegel – Fiona Ehlers and Fidelius Schmid – Like An Offshore Paradise: Vatican Moves To Close Dirty Accounts – 22 October 2013

spiegelonlineMore than 1,000 customers who have no business holding accounts at the Vatican Bank have parked more than 300 million euros there, money the institution’s officials suspect is illicit. They are now calling for the funds to be removed.

In late May, two Germans stood in the heavily guarded interior of the Vatican Bank and gazed out over St. Peter’s Square. Ernst von Freyberg, 54, had just been appointed as the bank’s president — and now he had been interviewed by Father Bernd Hagenkord, the director of Vatican Radio’s German program. The two servants of the Catholic Church took stock of what had been achieved thus far and concluded that the head of the bank had survived his baptism by fire.

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DerSpiegel – Mexico Condemns Reported US Spying On President – 21 October 2013

spiegelonlineThe Mexican government says it “categorically condemns” email spying, after SPIEGEL reported that documents leaked by Edward Snowden show the US gained access to the email of former Mexican President Felipe Calderon.

On Sunday, SPIEGEL reported that America’s National Security Agency (NSA) had accessed the email system of Mexico’s “Presidencia” domain, believed to be used by members of former President Felipe Calderon’s cabinet.

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DerSpiegel – Christoph Schult And Christoph Pauly – Conflicts Of Interest: Brussels’ Revolving Door For Top EU Officials – 10 October 2013

spiegelonlineSenior European Commission officials have a penchant for changing sides when they join the private sector. They take up positions with Chinese companies, cigarette manufacturers or PR firms — and potential conflicts of interest are often ignored.

When Karel De Gucht came into office, he suspected that he would be inundated with lobbyists. “It’s a fact of life that there are a lot of lobbyists; it’s because you are important that there are a lot of lobbies,” the European Union Trade Commissioner-elect said before the European Parliament at the time. For that reason, the Belgian politician noted, he would counter “third-party interests where these have undue influence,” adding that he intended to defend his “independence.”

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DerSpiegel – Fiona Ehlers – The Barefoot Mayor: Local Hero Takes On Sicilian Corruption – 7 October 2013

spiegelonlineThe new mayor of Messina is a man of the people. The tireless nonpartisan is known to go barefoot through the city. And in the land of Berlusconi, he is fighting against corruption, organized crime and widespread disenchantment with politics.

Men with coarse features and shaved heads are pulling a heavy cart through the streets of Messina. The men, barefoot with tattoos on their upper arms, are sweating as they shout, again and again: “Viva Maria!”

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DerSpiegel – ‘Merkel Must Take Action’: SPD Demands A New Europe Approach – 24 September 2013

spiegelonlineChancellor Merkel is likely heading towards a coalition with the Social Democrats. SPD leaders have begun making concrete demands for changes to her policies on Europe. European Parliament President Schulz wants quick action.

Chancellor Angela Merkel at the head of a coalition with the Social Democrats? It is a pairing Germany has seen before, most recently from 2005 to 2009. And now, it is looking increasingly likely that a redux is looming — to the point that prominent SPD politicians are starting to draw their red lines for European policy.

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DerSpiegel – Charles Hawley – Merkel Set To Win Third Term In Germany – 21 September 2013

spiegelonlineChancellor Merkel has run a bland re-election campaign. But that is exactly what voters were looking for. There are many reasons why she will win a third term on Sunday, but the primary one is her deep understanding of what the German electorate wants.

Germans like their quiet. Should a couple raise their voices such that they can be heard in the courtyard of a city apartment building, it is a sure bet that before long, the phrase “Ruhe da!” (“Quiet!”) will come ringing out of an open window. Even in big metropolises like Berlin, most flat seekers yearn for silence and tranquillity, far removed from the chaotic noise emanating from the busy streets.

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DerSpiegel – Annett Meiritz and Severin Weiland – Right-Wing Surprise: Anti-Euro Party Surges Before Election – 6 September 2013

spiegelonlineA recent poll shows Germany’s anti-euro Alternative for Germany party closing in on a place in parliament. This could cause a huge upset for the established parties — and dramatically alter the German political landscape

At first glance, the Alternative for Germany’s (AfD) campaign ad seems about as threatening as a commercial for the local optician. It features outraged, but pleasant-seeming citizens — a father and his daughter, a newspaper-reading businesswoman and a cyclist — looking thoughful while asking questions. “Why is all our money going to Greece, instead of being invested in damaged streets and bridges?”, one person asks. “Why are pensioners left with an ever-smaller amount of money in their wallets? Who is paying for the debt that our politicians are accruing?”, asks another.

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DerSpiegel – Thomas Hüetlin – Modern Mobility: Car-Sharing Gears Up In German Cities – 28 August 2013

spiegelonlineAs collaborative consumption becomes increasingly mainstream, many young Germans are starting to see vehicle ownership as inconvenient and old-fashioned. Keen to keep up, the auto industry is turning to car-sharing.

Imagine a road trip that starts on a narrow backstreet in Rome, bathed in the rosy light of dawn. Visualize driving along roads lined with pine trees, past hill-top villages, motoring from the ocean to snow-capped mountains. Then on to Paris, London, and finally to the green hills of Scotland, stretched out before you like a giant golf course.

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