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Fran Zepeda – Sananda – Abide by Your Hearts – 9 July 2012


Dear beloveds, I come before you today to speak of Trust. There is much talk these days of this concept and issue. Many are wondering whom and what they can trust and many are getting disillusioned with matters of Trust.

Do not be discouraged, for it is in experiencing this that you are coming to a greater understanding of what is really true. However, the subject of Trust has always been a subject of emotion and sense of stability, and can often shake people to the core when they discover they feel a lack of trust, or betrayal. Continue reading


Crystaqueous – Detachment – Part 5 – 1 May 2012

Yes, whatever is coming our way in this time is best to be wholeheartedly embraced and not run away from.  The whole concept of detachment is far distorted on the dream stage.  This is by no means saying that such is out of sorts with the Script Divine.  Impossible it is for anything to be out of time or place here, contrary to many appearances and so-called human-mind notions.  Detachment is invariably in distortion when it is consciously planned and worked at by the dream mind.  Detached all will surely become—even from their very own erroneous self.  But such will occur only by the Cuing of Divinity—even while the mind human remains in its last-ditch attempts to halt all thought and effort toward this and having an acute awareness of its utter helplessness to achieve such. Continue reading