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Bix Weir – ALERT : Deutsche Bank Under Investigation Now – 6 July 2012

Word out today that Deutsche Bank is under investigation for LIBOR rate rigging has sent it’s shares down substantially.

http://www.zerohedge.com/news/deutsche-bank-shares-slide-bafin-discloses-liebor-probe-biggest-german-bank Continue reading


Mish/ Mike Shedlock – Gaming The Odds Of A Greek Euro Exit With And Without Contagion – 6 June 2012

A key question on trader’s minds is who will win the June 17th Greece election and whether it results in a Greek exit of the eurozone.

Deutsche Bank gives it assessment in a report called Probability weighting EUR views on Greece Continue reading

John Ward – Deutsche Bank – Is This The Man Whose Actions Will Destroy The West’s Economic And Fiscal Fabric? – 27 March 2012

The biggest bank in the EU is also one of the most over-leveraged and under-capitalised. The Slog offers a less than flattering portrait of the man at the top of Deutsche Bank.

I remember only too well reading the bullish soundbites of former RBS boss Fred Goodwin in 2008. It is my sad duty to report that the person in banking right now who most resembles the uber-confident crap put out by Goodwin – or ‘badloss’ as wags took to calling him – is Josef Ackermann, the chap in charge of what is now officially Europe’s biggest bank, Deutsche. Continue reading