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John Ward – Diamond’s Amnesia At The Select Committee : A Reaility Injection – 5 July 2012

How the man in love with a bank launched a fund that screwed the customers

Blind man’s bluff fails dismally

There are times when the Right leaves me just as frustrated as the Left in its willingness to excuse anything – rather than give way and accept that the other side has a point. After three hours of sleep-inducing, wriggling, jargobollocks from Diamond Bob – a man so obviously covered in self-exculpating slime, he made Nixon look like Snow White – Dan Hannan offers this smart-arsed, half-arsed tweet: Continue reading

John Ward – Barclays & THe BoE : Del Missier Resigns As Web Of Deceit Unravels Lie Upon Lie, Until Nobody Knows The Truth – 3 July 2012

Amidst jaw-dropping attempts to treat the British public as if they all had a collective IQ of 44, The Bank of England, The Treasury, the Chancellor, Bob Diamond and Jerry Del Missier all made a game attempt to suggest this afternoon that none of them had lied at all about anything.

It truly is Malice in Blunderland.

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