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Dianne Robbins – Adama and Gaia – 4 January 2012


“I am Adama. I would like to give you a message to send out to the world for January 2012…

Dearest Folk on the surface,

Though you are above ground
And we below
Yet we watch and see you
As you come and go Continue reading


Dianne Robbins – Crystalline Matrix Of Your Universe – Crystal People Of Inner Earth – 10 December 2011

“We Hold the Crystalline Matrix of your Universe.”

Greetings our dear sister on Earth. We are the Crystal People here again with you as you sit at your computer taking our dictation. We are very close to you, as close as your life vein pulsing blood into your system. We breathe with you, we pulse our heartbeat with you, and we sing our Song of the Ages to you. Our song is Love…and its melody permeates your cells as we merge into you now. Our merging is complete – and we operate as One. Continue reading