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CommonDreams – The Falling Man: On James Foley, Dick Cheney And The Morally Charged Act Of Looking – 11 September 2014

commondreams ByAbby Zimet, staff writer

The awful drumbeat grows. Obama’s White House prepares to go to war armed with its new Orwellian “sovereignty strikes” to “destroy (ISIS)  “wherever it exists”; an astonishlngly forgetful media indulges in relentless fearmongering; Ted Cruz and his dangerously inept ilk offer $10 million toward the “killing of these savage Jihadists who will only keep trying to destroy Americans until we stop them”; and, most surreally, desperate House Republicans awash in vengeful hyperbole turn for advice to the warmongerer most “disastrously, spectacularly and consistently wrong about Iraq” and the person most directly responsible for settting in motion the forces that created ISIS  in the first place: Dick Cheney, who reportedly decried Obama’s “weakness” but offered no specific solutions other than urging more carnage in the name of a generalized bloodlust. Continue reading