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A new Dawn: Disclose The Thruth Yourselves


Dont be waiting on what happens or believe it’s all be done for you. Still our free will has to make choices it self. Own initiative and actions is what’s asked of you. Be disclosure. Dont wait on disclosure. Open up to the truth out there outside mainstream media. Search in the new media and social media and find the truth that’s for everyone a different one. You need to feel comfortable with the thoughts and things you’ll read, see and hear. Let no one tell you that they are right but always be the science explorer that takes up arguments and weighs them before letting change your system of believes and thinking. Be open and live in the moment of now. Now is the time that things happen. Not yesterday or tomorrow. Communicate your thoughts and feelings and knowledge with others. Create circles and discuss without wanting to force your opinions on others. Feel the love and light in your hearts growing by the minute trough the ever growing and expanding vibrations and energy. Don’t be afraid or scared. That are lessons of the One in you that let’s you know your on the brink of learning to see and let go of that feeling or obstruction in your mindset. If you learn to find the truht behind the obstruction or feeling, you handle it and you will get a boost in the direction of you as lightbeing. Just know we are the ones we are waiting for. The help of our spirits, guides, brothers and sisters of the light in our galaxy and beyond are bound to help sofar as the don’t interfere the free will. So let us get started now. The day is today. Our disclosure it today in the here and now.

Love and light to you,