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BBC News says: Fake US Bonds Worth Trillions Seized – (Again Disinformation In The Mainstream Media) -17 February 2012

Lucas:  The following story appeared on the BBC News Page with thanks to Radivoj for pointing it out to me.  I think personally it is  a good story to discredit the investigations and discoveries by David Wilcock and thus spreading disinformation by the BBC as also today a Bloomberg article also disinfo appeared on the net. I have previously blogged this Bloomberg article via Jean Haines. Therefore we see the mainstream media get good instructions to misinform. The waves made after the Trillion Dollar Lawsuit and the Financial Tyranny article  by David Wilcock are growing bigger and bigger. The fear with the dark ones kicks in mayor. Continue reading


A video that shows again that Elenin disinformation is spread. NASA’s stories don’t add up. The guy is right go an research yourselves. And see that a lot of things your are fed as news is disinformation even lies and desceive.



Physicist wants to debunk Crop Circles as man-made

Physicist Claims To Explain Crop Circles With Microwaves And GPS Huffingtonpost.co.uk by Michael Rundle

The article link above is where the Physicist wants to debunk Crop Circles as man-made. After seeing so much evidence and UFO-Orbs in a video creating Crop Circles I see this as another disinformation and attempt discredit the real information out there.

Dont worry, we still see ourselves what is really happening. This is my post link of 21 July 20122  Crop Circles forming by UFOs. So after seeing this you can’t say it are man-made crop circles with micro-waves, GPS and lasers.

What about debunking the disinformation out there. Like this article in The Huffington Post UK.

Information Isn’t Information Isn’t Information………

After seeing the German news a few days ago I had to write  about information, better said disinformation and lies. Still we believe everything that is written on a bottle, tin or package. Even if you can (re)search for  the missing info on the net we do still believe in what is presented before us as the truth. Scandals, fraud. lies, manipulations, disappointments, etc., in spite.

I had to let you all know information isn’t information. It depends how it is written (language/grammar), where it comes from (source), what it communicates (the message ) , etc.

See the news that often tells not the facts but tells insinuations. Figures are often distorted by manipulated statistics, (non) science papers and research without a credible source mentioned.

Discussions are no discussions if you can’t discuss things. Interviews are no interviews if people are put afterwards words in their mouths by writing things in or by cutting footage and edit things. See for example what often happens is putting quotes prominent in the picture but out of its context.  Thus is the quote not a fact anymore but disinformation.

An other example is that Schwarzwalder ham doesn’t mean that it is born, bred, produced in the Schwarzwald. I just means that one of the steps in the chain of the pig from being born till the packaged ham has taken place in the Schwarzwald. It even can mean that it is only driven trough the Schwarzwald.

On packaged potatoes is often mentioned treated. That that is with chemical germination inhibitors that are dangerous for human health  is not known. Only eco or bio potatoes don’t  get treated.

Even BIO of ECO labelling is often a farce. The EU had given it utmost to get their own label out with BIO on it. It is misleading. The things with that label have not to fulfill the same criteria as the real BIO label. And there we go again. Logos, colors, mentioning green or healthy says nothing if it isn’t what is says.

Information isn’t information……………….. With a little research and reading and checking things you see we are often misled, misinformed for other reasons. Like hidden agendas or marketing motives. Often fear motives are used. For example to let you buy insurance or lets you get your flu vaccine without thinking if it ‘s necessary.

Also in politics and government level you see that we are not informed. If after all scandals you still believe in a government and your political representatives that always have the best in mind for you then you really need waking up!

So information isn’t information isn’t information ………………… Keep your eyes, ears and minds open. Get yourselves informed, research, see the bigger picture, see hidden agendas, etc. Then you really will have true information.

With love and light,