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Divine Cosmos – David Wilcock – Flight 370: The Straw That Breaks The Cabal’s Back? – 7 April 2014

DavidWilcock(Lucas: discern yourselves always…. You make up your own mind by reading all sides and researching.)

Flight 370 could have become the most devastating terrorist attack in recorded history. Could this Boeing 777 — or one just like it — have been used to murder the leaders of the top 53 nations on Earth?

Why were 20 scientists with Cosmic Top Secret clearances on Flight 370 — and did some group feel it was absolutely necessary to stop them?

Did one of the passengers on Flight 370 successfully send out a message indicating he was being held on a “prison ship” near the biggest US/UK military base in the Indian Ocean — and that the other passengers were still alive? Continue reading


Divine Cosmos – David Wilcock – Decloaking Lucifer: A Holographic, Angry Child Throwing A Tantrum – 8 February 2014

DavidWilcock(Lucas : Discern yourselves in everything you read, see, hear as it could be a partial truth, or a faked truth, or even a blatant lie.  What counts is you discerning and seeing what is your own truth.. and that is in no ways  the same as the whole and only truth.)

There is undeniable, ever-increasing evidence that a Cabal of powerful world elites believe in and worship something they call “Lucifer.”

Is there any truth to the idea that an “opponent” exists in a Universe that is truly holographic — where we are all reflections of One Infinite Creator?

Who, or what, might Lucifer be?

If we move fear out of the way for a moment, ask the question objectively and apply the latest scientific knowledge we now have, we may find a solution to the mess we are in.

Lucifer may well be a holographic projection of the part of ourselves that is an angry, rebellious child, defiantly throwing a temper tantrum and screaming “F- You Mommy and Daddy!”

By healing this wounded child within ourselves, we may actually be influencing the collective — and quickening the defeat of the Cabal on a planetary scale.


On September 17, 2013, a physics breakthrough emerged that is so significant, so all-encompassing, it renders our existing worldview as irrelevant as the flat earth.

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Human ETs Prepare Us for Golden Age – Videos, Documents!

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