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Lisa Gawlas – Shambhala, Divine Counterparts And Octobers Energy!! OMG!!! – 25 September 2012

Before I get into the full on sharing of the connections that kept me breathless yesterday, I feel I need to fully explain some of the words I use in reference to energy, I do no want anything to be missed or misconstrued in this important sharing.

Shambhala (also spelled: Shambala, Shangra La.)  I took this word years back, half from a book I read, half from the enlightened society that once excited in the Himalaya’s.    It means Living fully the Divine Presence that you are, out loud and with each other.  I think, because of the vast amount of stories out there, I had assumed this would become present only in a community setting.  Heaven is not singular at all and it really is living the energy, the love and magnetic field of vibration… on earth. Continue reading