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Lisa Gawlas – The Dream, The Road To Shambhala, Divine Counterparts…- 11 December 2014

lisagawlas2WARNING:  I am so sorry so much of this is bleeding together.  I have tried to fix it, it won’t fix.

I have so much to share today, forgive me if I seem to go in several directions thru this sharing.  I have got to start with my own experience just now, but suddenly was reminded that it actually started yesterday.  After my day of readings I had a dentist appointment in Cuba (an hour’s drive) and half way to my dentist, this super large cloud formation appeared in the sky… an absolute angel.  I so wish I was better (more coordinated) at driving and taking pictures, but I’m not.  This angel was above me in the sky, wings, feet, head, hands… there was no mistaking its appearance.  I thought back to the time AA Michael appeared to me and the blue-eyed man on one of the eclipse events. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – Zero Point, Divine Counterparts, Kundaline And The Magic Of Now!! – 27 September 2012

It seems these last several days within readings as well as my own meditation, spirit seemed to be baking us a cake (we being the ingredients needed) and yesterday, it felt like the icing on the cake with understanding.  The synchronicitic  back to back flow of information unfolding is like nothing I can remember experiencing before.  There seems to be an adamancy thru each of our own higher selves, and life itself, for us to really understand not only this profound moment in time/shift we are in, but how to utilize the change in fullness!  Of course, just typing that sentence out really says, we already know (from the soul mind) now all we have to do is remember that we know! Continue reading