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Lisa Gawlas – Master Builders, Divinely Creating 2:22 – 19 January 2014

(Lucas : lisagawlas2I want to give a short view of mine on the term that is used by lots DIVINE and Divines. Divine is godlike and the Divines are those that think to be themselves gods standing in between us, humanity and GOD, source.  Divine in it self we are all. We are as humans expressions of source in the image of GOD. We are not though having as humans standing in between us and god another being or beings or manifestation that pretends to be our god or custodian. We all are equal in this universe and all that states different is a belief, a conditioning and mind controlled image of you that is keeping the illusion of being lower in class, lower in being or hierarchy in tact.  None of it is true. Whatever image of angels, et, divines, elohim, you have none that are more or greater than you in any way.  The belief in and giving power to thoughts  that keep hierarchy and control happening is what you can change to free you from alleged control and powers over you as you have the power within. That power within is connected from heart to source, GOD.  No group, human, teacher, guru, priest or alleged gods are needed to give you something back or teach you something that you always have had in the first place and can not be taken away from you. )

I want to start this sharing today with the energy of numbers, well, one particular number set that had stalked me while I was in the last days of being in Virginia, right thru my immediate transition back home to New Mexico.  222

It has been my experience, in my life path, that when something consistently shows up for you over and over and over again, it is because I/You/We have not really gotten the message of the “something.”  Once we do get it, it ceases to present itself, at least so insistently, except as occasional reminders along the way. Continue reading