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Visionkeeper – Do For Yourself – 18 July 2013

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I think one of the harder things many encounter in their lives for some reason, is making themselves happy! Somewhere in our teachings that were crammed down our throats we got the false idea that our happiness came from outside of ourselves. Nothing could be further from the truth and boy this is one lesson we need to get a handle on. Everything about living in this world begins with ourselves and radiates outward. It is ourselves we must rely upon and not expect anything from anybody else. A key component to being strong in the world is knowing oneself well and being self-sufficient. When we rely on others to help us along continually, we give our power away to someone else. We don’t ever want to lose control of our own power. It is fine when we hit a snag in life to get a hand up, but relying on hand ups for our existence weakens us greatly. Our foundation is no longer ours and it can crumble at any time. To be the mighty oak with deep roots that hug the earth we must do for ourselves. Continue reading

Visionkeeper – Do For Yourself – 1 July 2013

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This picture struck me immediately when I saw it. I always listen closely to first impressions! This picture looks like a portrait of America. Everyone sitting around with mouths open and their hands out waiting to be fed and taken care of. We have become so dependent it is frightening. Slowly over time we have been handed more and more and had to do less and less for what we needed. It was all by design. People who care for themselves are far more trouble to control. But we MUST do for ourselves! We must break this dependency and go back to being independent and self-sufficient. Our very lives depend upon it. Everyone who can, should be growing their own food and don’t use the city as an excuse not to. There is also container gardening you can do and if there is no space for that, go out and find a vacant lot to grow food on to help the whole community. Where there is a will there is a way! Continue reading