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Lucas – The Spinning Backwards To Go Forward – Contradiction In Terminis – 29 December 2012

bikeThe new messages of the denial that things have not happened on the 21st December are coming in masses. Also people who said to be “lightworkers”  and to be in unity still get not their fears out of their way and  keep clinging to their attachments in 3D. They still create new obstacles and obstructs or create new limitations and dogmas, religious follower groups that state to be only love.  It is not wanting to confront their egos and attachments that lets them deny to see their true selves from going within in their hearts.  So people in 3D mind thinking still are confused what is needed to get change on the way. What it is not is to still play out the old paradigm in the old 3D thinking way. It is by looking to create new things, solutions from a new paradigm and 5D perspective that we will get change. Continue reading


Lucas – The Paradise On Earth Is You Creating It, So Stop Seeking, You Are The Creators – 24 December 2012

creatorWhat is seen over the world is in the last part of the year that  people all over the world have their feasts of light and celebrations to welcome the peace on earth, the new light. It is the Sun returning to lengthen the days again.  In the new re-birth of the light, peace and harmony we still not see that the message is:  ‘We are the creators of heaven upon earth’.  Remembering that we are just all that is and nothing is outside the present moment of now will give us the insights that we need and we always had. Continue reading

Lucas – Update On The Changes On Earth – 2 December 2012

Heart lightsDear ones,

Update on the changes:  A Lot of changes have already been taking place behind the scenes and in plain view. You just have to see all the movements. The 22 November doorway brought us lots of cleansing and integrating of that what was needed to be imbedded in the Oneness Energy.  There is a feeling and urge that people awakened have, it is the feeling to get in action, or to be stepping up their efforts on their private missions. Also working on the personal level within and on living your live as if you are already ascended or in 5d mode is needed.  Continue reading

Lucas – Whirlwinds Of Change – The Month Of Change – 4 October 2012

I completely can not get why people do not see all the changes happening in the now. We see timelines implode, people jumping from one timeline to an other just by making different choices and having an other focus, we see the opposites played out hard and all that is not of the new paradigm will be exposed and revealed.  It is all happening now. Continue reading

Lucas – Let Go. There Is Only You In The NOW ! – 2 October 2012

It is so often as things are let go of  and  things are just left as it is in the moment that you will  be  seeing now that things suddenly just ARE.   It is experiencing You in the moment of NOW in the field of Oneness.  Continue reading

Lucas – Love Through Your Eyes – A Bedtime Poem! – 28 September 2012

I saw love through your eyes. I saw your hearts visualisation  of all that love could imagine in an abundance of energies appearing als floating colours.

I saw love through your eyes. I saw your hearts  visualisation of you smiling the love into existence like a breath of air that makes all tree leaves vibrate. Continue reading

Lucas – There Is Only Love – The Time Has Come To Call Out Loud : Hatred, Fear, Violence And Setting Up People Towards It Is Over – 23 September 2012

The shift in people and groups of people are now manifesting clearly. I have warned about staying in your heart and not let you be recruited nor be taken in by those who wanna spread fear, anger, violence and hatred.  The started hatred and fear and violence amongst the most spoken of “film” that offended muslims is now stirred up over and others also getting into the story by stirring up hatred. Continue reading

Vedam Clementi – Use Or Be Used – 5 September 2012

Uploaded on 5 April 2012 by (thanks Ellion) Continue reading

Pat Donworth – Bill Wood Update – How You Can Help! – 22 June 2012

June 22, 2012 | Pat Donworth

For those following the Bill Brockbrader case, we’ve been informed by Eva Moore that Bill has been allowed to post bail and leave jail while he awaits his trial in July. Continue reading