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Visionkeeper – Don’t Let Your Dreams Die With You…- 29 November 2012

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For so long we have lived our lives with dreams locked inside our hearts and a pall of not being able to live them hanging over our lives. We must stop this right now and begin to live our lives as we desire! Stop thinking what others will think, stop thinking I can’t because I don’t have enough money, stop putting it off until you have more time. NOW is the time to live your dreams into reality. If you can think it you can do it! Trust and believe the universe will provide for you and go for it! Think big, don’t hold back in any way. Where there is a will there is a way for all we desire. It is time to leave our fear behind and go after what we want. Remember that!

So what have you always wanted to do that you stuffed down inside and pushed it away to be forgotten? We all have dreams we harbor within and pull out to look at from time to time when we are feeling we need to be more than who we are. We feel that because we aren’t doing what we really want to be doing, life is not fulfilling. It is WE who are stopping the motion forward. We must be the ones to step forward and allow ourselves to pursue our dreams at all costs. We must honor who we are and what our hearts truly desire, what our soul’s desire for us to become. It is time to stop being who we feel others want us to be.

This is the beginning stage of creating the new world we desire. We begin by creating the lives WE want and once we accomplish that we branch out to help others. So what is it you truly love in life. Who would you really like to be, what would you truly like to do? Find the answers to those questions and then go after what you desire. Stop settling for a life that does little for you, that does not express who you are, that does not fill you up and bring meaning to your life. If we aren’t happy inside how can we expect to make others happy?

To live our true authentic lives we must have a heart filled with courage and a love for ourselves. We are often lacking one or both of them so use that as a starting point on where to begin. Just as we have learned love is the key to unlocking our new world we have also begun to understand that loving OURSELVES is paramount to achieving our dreams. Once we can truly love ourselves and finally know we deserve to live the life we desire, then the courage will follow automatically. You have to feel you are worth something in order to stand up for yourself and say I deserve better than this. I think the world suffers a massive problem of low self-esteem. We have been beaten down into submission for so long we have lost our self-esteem and therefore don’t expect much for ourselves. It is time to turn this around and begin to build ourselves back up and make our lives worth living.

We may have been beaten down by the dark ones and lost our way for a while, but like the Phoenix rising out of the ashes, we are finding our voices again and love is awakening and hopefully we will all work hard to recapture our self-worth again and start to demand a better world to live in. Anything is possible if we put our love and intent behind it. All of the emotions I speak about can be repaired, but knowing ourselves is where we must truly begin our journey back to wholeness. You have to spend time getting to know yourself. We must leave behind us the gadgets that we have allowed to pull us away from ourselves, they have distracted us and we no longer know who we really are, what we want, where we want to go, what we want to do. It was all part of the dark ones design, but we are awakening now and we no longer can hide from what we must do to make our world and the whole world a better place. Reconnection with self is the buzzword for 2012 and beyond!

Blessings to us all,


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